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Ferrari 458 GT2 1.1.6d

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Latest updates

  1. guid.txt update

    guid.txt update
  2. Included original sfx folder

    Includes original sfx folder if this new update wont work for you guys, sorry for the inconvenience
  3. made a new giud.txt

    hope it works now

Latest reviews

Love this sound Mod, but the Incar sound doesn't work anymore! Do you have a solution for this? :)
Maybe you should uninstall the stepback pretend global fix for 1.1.5 sounds fromyour system before you try to make current AC compatible sounds.

How many updates has it been now and it still does not work on an unaltered AC though you claim it does. That global sfx tweak is not an acceptable solution.
Great sound! A great improvement
It works fine here now....exterior sound is fantastic, interior sound is to synthesized, sounds like an old video game....not a smooth transition with the accelerator. The originals needs the exterior sound, just wish that is what I would hear from the interior. I do thank you for the effort....and I do appreciate what you are trying to do...just giving you feed back
Juliusz Baczynski
Juliusz Baczynski
thanks, I guess I will try find better interior samples soon :)
It works perfect now!! Tnx...nice job!!! ;-)
Juliusz Baczynski
Juliusz Baczynski
thank you!
Awesome - thanks :)
sounds excellent. Thanks again. Hope there will be some Honda S2000 and civic sounds and nsx etc..
Quote, AC Forum: If you have problems with stuttering or sound cutoff with 23 AI or multiplayer, change the following from 64 to 128:



Make backup of this file! Changes at your own risk
There is a bug...
With 24 Ferrari 458 Gt2 on Imola, the sound is cut off when you own Ferrari is close to the others...
I hope you could fix it.
Nice start!! I like it, thx man. ;)
Juliusz Baczynski
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