[Ferrari 312t] F1 GOATS

[Ferrari 312t] F1 GOATS v1.0

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F1 Greatest of All Time v1.0


Here are 4 Fantasy skins sets for the Ferrari 312t featuring some of the goats of F1
This version includes
-Jim Clark custom car, tires,helmet, suit, gloves, pits
-Nigel Mansell custom car, tires,helmet, suit, gloves, pits
-Michael Schumacher custom car, tires,helmet, suit, gloves, pits
-Sebastain Vettel custom car, tires,helmet, suit, gloves, pits

Know issues: These are my first attempt at skinning. I basically used these to teach myself, so there are bound to be issues. All skins are low resolution, sorry my computer isn't the best and I like to use these with the AI. Number plates are wrong, I have them using numbers based on where I think they rank on the all time list.

Credit to Rickne for his F1 Legends Face pack.
Credit to chargingcar for his SimTex-TireFactory-Megapack.
And a special thanks to TTM for all the useful templates

The companion to this mod, featuring skins for the McLaren M23 can be downloaded here http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/mclaren-m23-f1-goats-part-2.6384/

Thanks for downloading!

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Looks very nice especially the red pirelli tyres ;-)
thanks! appreciate the feedback

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