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Ferrari 288XX GTO Version 1.2.5

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* New exhaust flames are significantly more flamey
* Upgraded tyres to V7
* Added dash cam
* Fixed driver not having his helmet model hidden anymore.
RPM gauge that was reused in all 288s turned out to be slightly off, fixed it now.

Same as the road car: if you cba downloading the whole archive, go into data/analog_instruments.ini and update the [RPM_INDICATOR]'s STEP=0.0245 to 0.025 and it'll be fixed.
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* Updated backfire intensity, cheers to GTAce for pointing out it's rather tame nature
* Included SchUPpors 288XX #36 and Thomson #89 liveries with updated previews
* Updated with the new Evoluzione sound WIP by Fonsecker, interior tuned, exterior redone significantly.
* Adjusted powertrain to be a bit smoother like it was before, while still keeping the fixes from the Evo update.
- version 1.1
* Updated powertrain to match it's authentic brother, the Evoluzione, after fixing 2 small errors in there.
* Updated all skin previews to match kunos style better, such as this:

* Fixed rossocorsa skin (was accidentally duplicated with rosso competizione)

This car is now pretty much up to date as far as remaining work is concerned. The only planned update at this time is whenever I receive updated sounds from Fonsecker.