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Ferrari 288XX GTO Version 1.2.5

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This is a great car so fast and it handles really well I could drive this car all day long, cheers GTOfire.
the car drives pretty good, but I feel like there isn't enough ffb, because I can't correct oversteer until it's too late, because I can't feel it coming.
Overall I think it's a good mod, but it could be improved.
Gracias y gran trabajo ¡¡¡¡¡
Perfect car, thank you very much
Great update. Seens easier to drive now with V7 tyres.

I suspect the same can be true for Evoluzione, any update expected to this car too?
I hadn't given it much thought to be honest. I barely spend any time with these cars anymore and so the effort to keep them updated is outgrowing the motivation to do so.

I only updated this one cause of some plans to potentially organize a race with them but upgrading the Evo tires shouldn't be too big of an issue if there's still people interested.

I'll actually wait untill 1.8 and see what v10 brings before I spend time on it, might as well upgrade all the way if possible.
And again!
Many thanks!!
Good Job1
Thanks for the update!!
Thanks, very nice.
Thanks for the update.........cheers !
I love driving it, thank you for the update
Thanks for the update !
Honestly didn't think this car would work too well. I am glad I was wrong! Nice work, full review here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rux20GIbsCI
Appreciate the detailed review guys! A good watch and if you have the time I'd love to hear what you think about the more authentic GTO Evoluzione that's out now. Though if so, I'd recommend actually waiting a couple days until the aero-rebalancing update that's coming soon.

Also yes, the dash is flat cause I suck at textures/shaders, and the FFB modifier is quite heavy just as a point of personal preference since I loved it in the McLaren F1 GTR. Finally the low-rev missing power will also get a small change because I'm going to put the adjusted Evo powertrain in this one as well which has just a tiny bit more grunt down below (it was based off real Evo data before but had an error in it)

I just spent 4hrs playing with this car, amazing work m8!

PS: Could you change the rims on the car because the stock 288 GTO ones don't suit with the race kit, keep up the good work.
Glad you liked it :)

The rims are not exactly the same as the 288 GTO, they are modified towards the rims that are on the Evoluzione that sits in the factory museum (https://i.ytimg.com/vi/c2huC26OuuU/maxresdefault.jpg). The very center is indeed road-car rather than the way the real ones are fastened. I might change that at some point but no guarantees because right now I've had my fill of spending even more time on these models than the hundreds of hours already in them :p
I bet Magnum would have preferred this version. (^o^)
Bellissimo complimenti!!!
I gave it 4 stars because I cant drive without autoblip :D
Best mod I ever had experimente in all sims. I selected 4 stars because I want the original Evoluzione too. But man, this car, with these specs, its all I Always seeking in the GT2 and GT3 cars and never found. This car remember me the F550 of GTR2, its fast, very fun to drive and the turbo lag at 4000 rpm is so awesome. Very good job in this mod.
Original Evo is available now ;)
Ive not even driven it yet and it has great physics, ive even made any skins for it yet but the template is great. This is the final blow to the remnants of my social life.