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Ferrari 2014 New Texture Darker Color 2014-10-22

Ferrari 2014 dark color but

Recent Reviews

  1. gamer19
    Version: 2014-10-22
    Mate, can you explain me something, please...
    I was looking at the original Ferrari car and thinking "damn, it's too dark, compared to real car pics", then comes your mod, which stated that this Ferrari is "darker" but I look at your pics and, maybe I got some eye problem, I don't know but... IT LOOK LIGHTER TO ME !?! (which is a good thing, I remind you. for me at least)
    But then I opened pssg file (is it pssg?) and, much to my surprise - it really looked DARKER than the original ?!? Damn... now I don't understood anything... :-S
    So if you got some time... please....
  2. BRG_Felipe
    Version: 2014-10-22
  3. Donky
    Version: 2014-10-22
    Thank you ;)
  4. DidiSabin
    Version: 2014-10-22
    like it..thx
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