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Feldbergring Wet 1.0

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Inspired by the great track by Fat-Alfie here comes the wet tarmac addition for Feldbergring.

First thing is to make sure you already have Fat-Alfie's original Feldbergring track, otherwise this addition won't work.
As always, extract the archive in assetto corsa main folder, then use JSGME.exe or Content Manager to activate:
- Feldbergring Wet (the wet track)
- Feldbergring Autumn Skin (the autumn track, see pics below)
- Wet Mod (if you have Assetto Corsa Wet Mod already installed this is not required)

Autumn Skin


If you like the resource and would like to offer me a beer DON'T DO IT :D
Instead donate to Fat-Alfie here who spent more than a year to get the track done, and if you still want to offer me the beer afterwards you can do it here!
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Really well done! The visual candy extends even to the smallest details of accumulating dirt on the cars - separating the really good car mods from the slapdash. There is a need to add a config for the Content Manager so the night lights work as on the main mod but the solution is not too difficult. See my post in the support section above
guys help me, I have a problem with this wet circuit: the asphalt does not support the cars that crash into a pindaric flight. How can I solve?
Reinstall both the original track and the wet version
Simply one of the best track for AC
Amazing work. Loving these wet tracks.
Superb circuit.
fun track just got funner...
any plan make more wet track ?(Sarthe, touristenfahrten-ai)
you are a true artist abs! what can a say? i just a piece of art!!you can enjoy this or just only admire like a picture or esculture...thanks for this wonder gift!
It's just like your other wet mods: perfect!
Fantastic work mate. I love this track. I'm sure there is a tonne of work involved in making this mod, but if you are looking for more tracks to "wet", it would be awesome to see Bridgehampton and LuccaRing... then I would have my top 3 mod tracks wet and shiny... a man can dream!

Well done and thanks!
Looks great, thank you!
Great job you did here. Looks fantastic. A must-have. Thank you.
Absolutely stunning. Just run a few laps in VR. Nice surprise adding the Autumn season. Transforms the feel of the track. Love your work
Amazing! A great addition to a great track. Thanks!
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