FC2 2014

FC2 2014 1.3

No permission to download
thank you very much.
make it compatible for latest version plz
excellent car.ffb feels great with this thanx
Good, but wheel and gas padel are to sensetive.
Awsesome....Thank you very much!
Hi, i like this mod and i'm planning on doing a dutch GP2 league , but there's one little thing i dislike a lot about this car, and that's the steering wheel. Somehow the wheel gets out of proportions on steering, it get's wider upon the degrees of rotation, and therefor blocking a lot of view from the cockpit when steering 90 degrees left/right. This is probably something a lot of ppl don't even see, but i have a certain thing with aspect ratios and how i see them being wrong instantly, it's very annoying, but probably somehing i can fix in some ini file. Could you point me out where these 'wheel' rotation and aspect settings are?
Thanks. Just a response for readers for future reference, as we have unfortunately missed this review:

We've actually known about this since last Summer, but to avoid a history lesson of Assetto Corsa modding, basically this is a resurrection, by demand of the community, from the old Formula Corsa Modding team after the mod was abandoned when the old team split up. Therefore, there will not be any physical changes to this mod.

The new Formula Corsa Modding team will release a new and improved FC2 mod this year.
Really excellent, you are my favourite modders around at the minute!

Small issue, and I mean really small, but at full steering lock the hands clip horribly through the wheel and it just puts me off slightly, any fix available/in the pipeline? :)
Thanks, we've had to be a little sparing with our time to fix this one as we're so involved in other projects. The FF1 and FC2 were adaptations of work we did in the Summer that the community wanted back in the Assetto Corsa world, new projects won't have this problem. It may not get fixed soon, but I'll find out. I hope you don't mind driving it as it is for the time being.
This is epic! I love the feel of these cars - a definitive driving challenge for all :)
Thank you so much
thank you it's great!
we wait for FC1 re-release now and it will be perfect! :)
5 stars mod! Thanks to all involved!
good!!! ths!
Thank You !! Cool Video too :)
Excellent great level of physical work, for me the better car feeling , the feeling I had when testing the BMW Sauber F1.06 in "live for speed".
Simply the best
Outstanding job, thank you!
Mirror on onboard view is blank ? I have try all setting ...
can i help me ?
Mirror is working in game.
Go to Options > Video > Reflections, to change settings.
You can also delete the fc2 mod folder and then reimport it.
v 1.1 cpu occupancy 95%. 14cars, amd 285x oc, 8gb ram.
what is the problem with this mod?.

MOD DTM urd 22 cars excellent.
Amazing job guys!
Perfect car!! Very enjoyable to drive. Exciting sound, strong feedback, handles very well. Give you the idea of driving a real thing. Please make more! :-)
Excellent. Thanks.
The FFB is not good with my Fanatec Wheel. It vibrates and shakes too strong.
This mod is A+. Sounds, Physics, Car modeling. Seamless laps of joy in these cars. Thank you for making this

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Ohh yes!! thankyou so much!!
Thanks a lot for the fantastic work!
Oh man, even more hard core sound now, love it love it love it!!!!
Great, goog work.
Sick work.. You guys got it goin on for sure..Unreal job here..Many thanks for what surely was a huge work load..Best yet and by a huge margin
Nice, thx.