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Fast Load and Debug Options 1.0

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F1 2012 Fast Load and Debug Options
version 1.0.2013.0425 (1.0)
by Ryder25

=== Info ===
- Skips all Videos after the Legal Screen
- Adds 3 New Debugging Options to the game
- One is in the main menu, next to Quit Game
- The other is in the My F1 menu, next to Credits
- The Third is during a race, in the pause menu
- NOTE: The first two are invisible in the menus!

=== Installation ===
- Use Ryder Mod Manager OR
- Backup your 2 files from the system folder, and copy over these

NOTE: Backup your saves just in case. Don't ask me what the debug options do, because CM made them, not me. I just enabled them.


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Petar Tasev
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