Fantasy Mclaren MP4-29 livery (original chasis) 2017-06-26

Fantasy Mclaren Livery 2014 Formula 1

  1. LMXF1
    Hey yall,

    Here we go, I got another little re-skin for you - This time it's a gentle mod to the original Mclaren Mp4-29 skin that was used in 2014.

    I did just a couple of little tweaks and logo placement/changes but I feel the end result is pretty sexy :cool:

    asa.png doasš.png mad.png mcl.png

    Anyways, the installation bit: Copy the livery_main into your game's root folder, into cars/mc2/livery_main and you're all set!

    Tell me what you think!
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  1. Dimas itho
    Dimas itho
    Version: 2017-06-26
    1. LMXF1
      Author's Response
      i don't understand?
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