FANTASY Lotus-Honda 2014 F1 Team 2017-06-22

Lotus Honda F1 2014 team

  1. LMXF1
    Hi guys!

    I'd like to introduce myself to this forum with my first ever F1 2014 skin!

    This skin is actually pretty stock, as it was my first project I only did some retouches and logo changes.

    The only thing I couldn't figure out completely was the front wing - When I do I'll update this skin.

    The skin is fictional, I imagined a Lotus-Honda partnership and the end result kinda worked for me :) I added a Delonghi, Olympus and JPS logos to pay tribute to some older Lotus f1 cars.

    dsd.jpg F1_2014 2017-06-22 03-20-51-66.jpg F1_2014 2017-06-22 03-21-04-77.jpg View attachment 197973

    Note: Big thanks to Dovi Design for the renders of the skin in the first two pictures!

    When you DL the zip file, simply copy the "livery_main" into your root F12014 game file (into cars/lr2/livery_main)

    Anyways, do download, try it out, and please let me know what you think! :cool:


    1. TPH7MZC.jpg
    2. ZGgfjBK.jpg
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