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Fantasy Ferrari (Barcode) Skin 1.0

Ferrari Barcode

  1. Ryugen
    This my first ever skin for the F1 franchise!
    I havent change much but there you go.
    Hope you like it and if there some things to change just tell me. :)
    ERP Archiever is needed!!!
    Only works offline!
    Works for Career.

    I cant´provide much help, because I dont work much with ERP either


    Feedback is highly appreciated

    Version 1.0 (Current Version)
    - slight Texture changes
    - also some fixes


    1. Ferrari.jpg
    2. 20171025195639_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Redish
    Version: Beta
    What Photoshop addon allows you to import the decal file into PS with an alpha channel?
    1. Ryugen
      Author's Response
      Im not quite sure, but you have to use a png file in order to keep it transparent. Or you have to find a addon which is able to open .dds files!

      I was using the Templates in order to edit the skins. But usually I use Gimp because its easier to edit.