Fantasy Factory Yamaha 1.0 2016-03-22

Alternative livery for Movistar Yamaha. Rossi and Lorenzo suit included.

  1. Matthew327
    An alternative livery concept for the Movistar Yamaha Racing Team. Darker shade of blue, Movistar removed, focusing on Yamaha instead.

    Updates (such as improved suit textures and custom rider suit) may follow, but I guarantee nothing, as always ;) )

    Simply unpack the contents of the .zip file to your extracted MOTOGP2015.MIX and then repack the MIX-File using MixFile Remixer.

    And remember to always create a backup of your original files ;)

    Enjoy! MotoGP15X64 2016-03-13 20-31-02-75 (Copy).jpg MotoGP15X64 2016-03-13 20-33-25-13 (Copy).jpg MotoGP15X64 2016-03-13 20-33-53-87 (Copy).jpg MotoGP15X64 2016-03-13 20-34-08-50 (Copy).jpg MotoGP15X64 2016-03-13 20-34-54-36 (Copy).jpg
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  1. vladimirjeger
    Version: 2016-03-22
    I like it.
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