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Fantasy Drayson Racing black skin 1.0

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This Is my fantasy black skin of Drayson Racing Electric Car it replacing the lotus f1 team, this is my first skin there's still any problem with the skin, Speccoc,Tag Heuer Sponsor but i can't change it's Hard
Only car skin, backup your file first
Here's the picture:
F1_2013 2014-02-23 20-08-09-380.jpg
F1_2013 2014-02-23 20-08-17-146.jpg

Latest reviews

omg awesome
Looks good :) Great job
beautiful *5
Farrell M Ghaisan
Farrell M Ghaisan
This is my hardwork with paint, but thanks, hope you enjoy it
Don't know what this is in real life, but looks nice
Farrell M Ghaisan
Farrell M Ghaisan
The Real Life Is Green, But my fantasy is black