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Fantasy Caterham EQ8 F1 Team 1.0

Full Team

  1. Roland Molnar
    Welcome back :) !​
    Fantasy series next car - (team): Caterham (full team)​
    Special thanks: ML2166 3D ALL template! :thumbsup:
    package contents:​
    -car,wheels (ca2)​
    -helmet (gen09)​
    -driver suits,gloves,shoes​
    -interiors (steering wheel)​
    Attention! Back up of the original files!
    Cheers & enjoy: greetings : MoMo ;)
    Caterham-Car-exclusive.jpg Caterham-Car-3D.jpg Caterham.jpg Caterham-Car.jpg kormany_sisak.jpg untitled.jpg