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Fantasy 2016 Driver Transfers For F1 2014 1.0

A Krsskos 2016 Mod Add-On For ARNELF1

  1. RaceKing2016
    Good Afternoon :D
    Here is the mod that ARNELF1 requested me to make

    Here Are The Driver Transfers:

    • Hamilton To Redbull
    • Rosberg To Mclaren
    • Alonso To Mercedes
    • Button To Mercedes
    • Riccardo To Mclaren
    • Verstappen At Redbull
    Here Are Some Screenshots:
    Mcl_Riccardo.jpg Mcl_Rosberg.jpg Mer_Alonso.jpg Mer_Button.jpg Red_Hamilton.jpg Red_Verstappen.jpg

    Please remember that this mod is not finished and there may be problems. If there are any problems please contact me ;)

Recent Reviews

  1. Oumar
    Version: 1.0
    I Really loves this mod especially max verstappen and lewis hamilton in the same team.Please can you update the driver suits