F_V12 Talent Files for Formula 1 1995 Season 2.2

F_V12 driver talent files 1995 F1 season

  1. Keith Windsor
    Set of Talent files to go with Sebby70's excellent F1 1995 skins for the F_V12s. Tested at Montreal and Interlagos, they will produce a grid that matches the 1995 performance reasonably well.

    NOTE : some of Sebby's files had a couple of things that needed editing in his files for the talent files to work properly, for example some of the cars have two drivers listed, so to prevent any problem I created a set of veh files that match the talent files.

    1)BACKUP default team folders
    2)Install Sebs skins
    3) Insert the talent folder into the GameData folder.
    4) Insert the veh files into their respective team folders.

    You might also want to remove the veh files for the 4 default drivers (Grove5, Hinwil30, Reiza15, Woking8). This will remove the non-F1 drivers from your season - REMEMBER to put the files somewhere safe in case you want to return to default.
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