F_Reiza Skin Pack 1.0.2

Short of 150 Semi-Fantasy Skins

  1. DeuxAlpha
    All Credit goes to Hansel22 over at RFactor Central for the skins. All I did was change the Alpha Layer of the textures, since the base was too shiny.

    If he opposes me uploading the skins here, I'll obviously take them down.

    I converted them over a year ago and just now decided to upload the skins. Keep in mind that I made the conversion rather bluntly and over a year ago, meaning that the shiny/matte-ness may be a bit off, so let me know if something seems weird to you and I may be bothered to take another look at them.

    I don't know the first thing about creating custom textures, so this will probably be the end of the line for me. Might be 'neat' if there was a streamlined way to make these skins accessible to F_Extreme and/or F_Ultimate, but that is beyond me, at least for now. Maybe somebody else might take a crack at it.

    I think these skins are loosely based on the ~2010 - or so season, but I'm sure there's something for anyone.

    Check out the link (Warning: It's RfactorCentral. My browser noted the link was unsafe, but it should be fine...) if you're interested in seeing pictures.

    Extract the package so that you have a folder called F_Reiza, in which you have all other folders, which contain the driver-specific Textures and Veh.-Files. Drag and drop that F_Reiza Folder into your AMS/Gamedata/Vehicles folder.
    In AMS, the Vehicles should be visible in the Formula Reiza series, and under All Cars & Tracks.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Nelson Ullinskey
    Nelson Ullinskey
    Version: 1.0.2
    What an amazing skin pack! Even if you didn't originally make these, my thanks for posting this.
    1. DeuxAlpha
      Author's Response
      You're welcome!
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