F40 - Martini Racing 1.2

F40 Martini Skins

  1. Fieldy
    Love seeing this skin on all the other cars so did the F40, multiple colours and a black one coming.....


    Preview (2).jpg preview_original (1).jpg preview_original (2).jpg preview_original (3).jpg preview_original (4).jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Lucaerys
    Version: 2015-04-25
    Good start and good textures, but with some room for improvement.

    With the white version, I recommend going to a darker grey or black for the rims to make the white stand out more, which would in turn make the stripes seem more vivid as well. With the red version, think about adding some brass highlights to the rims to make the red bodywork glow.

    I'd also suggest flaring the side stripes out a little more, so you pick up the natural flaring of the rear fenders more. Good skins are about making the most of what a car's got, and I feel like the straight stripes might be a missed opportunity.

    Good effort, just needs a little fine-tuning to really stand out. 4/5+ material for sure.
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