F2 2018 Season MOD [PART 1 & Main Thread] 1.2

The complete line up for the F2 2018 Season

  1. Decided to split the mod in multiple parts

    I decided to split the mod in multiple parts, on the part 1 thread I will post the update news. then I will update all the resources.
  2. Drivers suits and other graphical adjustments

    Hey everyone, this update will bring the new 1.2 version of the F2 mod.
    I've added the drivers suits and made a few graphical changes, unfortunately the guy working on the names couldn't correct the Prema-Russian Time issue so for now they are still inverted.
    I'm working on the pitcrew and garage crew skins, they will probably come with the next update, along with the performance mod. THE LINK IS IN THE DESCRIPTION. 20181211212049_1.jpg 20181211212057_1.jpg ...
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  3. Team names and drivers

    Thanks to the work of @Joshua4669732 the mod now has the complete list of drivers and teams.
    Next update is probably going to be the drivers suit.
    Hope you enjoy.
    Cheers. 20181205235337_1.jpg 20181205235343_1.jpg
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  4. Update to make the mod work for the 1.15 version

    The mod should work now for the 1.15 version of the game. I've made only the drag & grop option, it makes everything easier.
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