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F1 Sounds Megapack

F1 Sounds Megapack 0.9.1

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If you like what you hear please consider donating. Any kind of mod that creators put out takes hours upon hours of their free time to make. please bear that in mind when enjoying this content

V0.9.1 Released!

V0.9.1 Changelog:
Added support for RSS Formula Hybrid 2021
Removed ASR Formula Ferrari 412T2. ASR have incorporated my sounds into the official car download (see below)

0:00 Intro
0:07 RSS Formula 2000
2:59 ASR Formula Ferrari 412T2
6:20 VRC Renault R25
7:47 Ferrari F2004
10:15 RSS Formula 1990
11:55 VS McLaren MP4/13
14:46 RSS Formula Hybrid 20XX Renault
16:28 RSS Formula Hybrid 20XX Honda
17:54 RSS Formula Hybrid 20XX Ferrari
19:10 RSS Formula Hybrid 20XX Mercedes

How to Install:
NOTE: if you would like to clone the RSS FH21 car the steps shown below for the RSS FH20 will also work on the FH21

Cloned car showcase (RSS Formula Hybrid 2021)

You must download/install these cars first before using this sound mod megapack:

RSS Formula 2000
RSS Formula 1990
RSS Formula Hybrid 20XX
VRC Renault R25
VS McLaren MP4/13

Latest updates

  1. Updated to include RSS Formula Hybrid 2021

    No improvements to actual car sounds, just an update to support the RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 car...
  2. V10s and V12s!

    V0.9 Released! V0.9 Changelog: - Added VRC Renault R25 Ferrari F2004 RSS Formula...

Latest reviews

how to put the mods i cant ?
please see tutorial video in the mod description
Hey, thank you so much for these great sound mods. I got all the engine sounds working well except for the Honda. It keeps crashing the game whenever I try to use it with the redbull and alphatauri clones. Could you please help me fix it?? Thanks
hi, glad you like them! please post in the discussion thread and lets see if we can get it sorted!
****ing amazing its so good. I hope you make a new f1 sounds for f1 2021 cars because the sounds are so good but not really realistic i mean the honda and the mercedes sound good but not that realistic
other than that this is the best f1 sound you will ever hear in the game
Thank you for the hard work that has gone into this mod, it does really show and the car sounds do reflect that. However just a bit of constructive criticism for the Ferrari formula hybrid engine; it does sound a bit (metallic?). I'm not sure if that would be the appropriate word to use but you probably get what I mean and would probably be better with a sharper/aggressive tone. If you do need some resources I've got a couple videos (my own) of some F1 car sounds although you could most likely find better quality ones out in the internet. Let me know if you would want them though. Once again, great work and I'm looking forward to the future updates of this pack.
thanks pal!
excellent job!! the honda engine sound is GREAT thats what i have installed thanks

anyone know of any RSS f2 v6 2020 sound mods??? thanks
Top! Thanks for your work! Very appreciated!
Thanks pal!
Nice job! It needs some general fixes mentioned in other posts, but ok.
Just keep working on it.
Thanks for what has been done so far !!
Thanks pal, much appreciated!
Whenever I try to open the folder it's shows the file is broken.
Please help with a solution. Thank you
Install win rar archiver. Then open the file again
I think that the sounds could be improved on alot, in terms of quality of the samples and spatiality, and I can recognize that some sounds are still samples from 2019 like in the case of Ferrari. I know that FMOD is a software quite complicated to use, but we already have the base here to work and improve on. I would like to give it a try, but I understand that sharing a personal project it's not something everyone does, as it should be :)
F1 engine sounds haven’t really changed since about 2017. It’s only the positioning of the fia mandated mics which has changed (and changes many times per season from race to race). Pretty much all sounds (not just Ferrari) are a mixture of samples recorded from multiple years because as I mentioned, not much has changed. The only sound recorded from a 2020 car is the Renault as marerial from prior seasons was not really usable / good enough quality
really nice sounds. Maybe the RSS 2021 Honda version, could be more like the 2020 version, with the turbo noise when lifting the throttle.
It doesn't work on my Formula Hybrid 2021
Hiya, please follow the video tutorial for installation. The tutorial focuses on the hybrid 2020 but the steps are exactly the same for 21
I use this for the RSSFH 2021. Overall the sounds are nice, but as previously noted, some downshifts are choppy and cuts out for about half a second, especially the Mercedes and Renault. Ferrari is OK and Honda is almost perfect with very little choppyness. I appreciate all the hard work, but for now I'll stay with the RSS original sfx. Looking forward to the next improved version! Thanks!
Excellent quality mod, no other sound mod like it out there and it continues to be updated! :) Only problem I have noticed personally is on downshifts with the Mercedes engine the audio cuts out for about .2 seconds between each downshift, so it makes downshifting with any of the Merc engine cars sound a little choppy at times but it is completely worth it for the orgasmic sounds! Other than that I have found no other issues with these amazing sounds. Keep up the great work please!!!
Thanks mate! This is a known issue and as soon as I find a way around it without sacrificing some sound detail I’ll implement a fix
Hello I have a problem,
I downloaded this Soundpack and moved the folder into my Assetto Corsa folder. Now the engine Sound is working, but on every Formula Hybrid 2021 Car is the Honda engine Sound, even when I take a Mercedes or a Ferrari. Can you help me?
Hi, you'll need to manually replace the sound files to change the car sounds. Ac doesn't support automatically changing engine sounds depending on car skin. See my installation video in full to learn how to clone the cars. Then you can set it up so each team has the correct sound
Hello. I just need help with installation. I download the pack and installed it into asseto corsa\content\cars and installed them. but when i launch the game, they are not there. Any help?
Hi there this is just a sound mod. You'll need to install the cars mentioned in the 'prerequisites' section on the overview page before installing this mod. Hope that helps
Hello! The sounds are astonishing!

I would like to use the sounds for F1 Challenge mods. Could I have your permission to use them? I want to credit you in case I am authorized.

All the best,

Hiya mate, thanks pal, glad you like them a lot! Absolutely, go ahead!
Thanks bro, this mod is so crazy <3
AMAZING. we finally have the electric ufo renault (v6)! i remember asking for it. didnt think you would do it!!
thanks mate. i did it but i'm not sure it will stay in cockpit view. it will definitely stay in T cam view
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