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F1 Season 1999

F1 Season 1999 v1.0

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Part 2: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-season-1999.5109/download?version=7934

Part 1: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-season-1999.5109/download?version=7857


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  1. Part: 3

    Part: 3
  2. v1.0


Latest reviews

Oye, el mod no funciona ninguno de los ficheros trae nada, solo tienen carpetas vacias, y dice parte 2 y parte 3, cuando descargo cualquiera de esos links el archivo se llama "mod 1999" o algo asi pero siempre termina en "part.3" lo unico que trae es el lenguaje nada mas, todo lo demas esta vacio >:(
The mod would surely be great. But I can`t extract the files, I`m getting the following error message.

Data error : F1 2013\video\attract.bik
Where's the part 3 files
How can I copy HSBC Stewart Ford Team to F1 2017?
Brilliant mod! Perfect, no mistakes!
Installed it, but im not sure did i do everything right... when i drive mclaren, the garage is green and everyone in the garage are wearing green... Also, when i start the game, there is that car and it is always black but it looks like modern 2013 car, when i go to race and come back, it is normal 1999 car.

Amazing mod anyway! 5/5
Can you make pls 2001 or 2002 this a fantastic mod :D
First it downloads more than it should then in all parts attrac.bik file in the video folder is corrupt as well as sauber pitcrew pssg. After adding all files that are working, the car textures are all black.

This mod does not work.
The MOD work, try to do the installation again.
Note that this mod is needed DLCs 90s and track.
Amazing mod! Just a thing, the database doesn't show the name of some drivers, for example Marc Gené, it shows Two x's in a box. Could you fix it please???
The mod is only available in Spanish and English and for it to work is due put Tex languages folder
Otherwise some names will not be visible
amazing! all we need is a 1992 season THAT WOULD BE AWESOME M8 this mod is 10/10 great job
Excellent work! And Seasson 2015?
Great season mod! Looking forward to see your 1994 mod.
Thank You.
The 1994 season is in my plans, but first I have to finish one of GP2
Good job :)) can you create 2002,2003 or 2004 seasons?:)
thanks you
awesome mod i love the "old " cars but i have 1 thing that makes the whole mod not perfect i only have the choice between 2 cars which are skinned like the 99er Ferrari or like the 99er Williams if you could fix this( or tell me if i did something wrong) this mod would be perfect
you are choosing from the menu of classics?
Great, but in career mode only loads the wheel of Williams but choose another car. Thanks and great job
why i can't find part 2'?
the I just uploaded
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182.4 MB
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User rating
4.06 star(s) 18 ratings

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