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F1 & Misc Circuits Loading Screens 1.7

Standard Loading Screens Style for AMS

  1. Edivad82
    Hi everyone. I want to share my loading screens for AMS.
    I found the clean standard screen in a RD forum thread but I don't remember where. Thanks to who uploaded it! Without this I could not do this job.
    Rename the .jpg files based on the circuits you have in the game.
    You are free to use these for your mods.
    Download always latest version because is always the most complete.
    I hope you like them! Have fun virtual drivers!
    Please, no tracks link request.

    Add New Circuits
    -Adelaide2011 (rev1)
    -Anderstorp (rev1)
    -Baku (rev1)
    -Brno (rev1)
    -Calder Park (rev1)
    -Croft (rev1)
    -Daytona Oval + Road Course (rev1)
    -Detroit Streets
    -Greater Noida (rev1)
    -Homestead (rev1)
    -Infineon (rev1) --> Sonoma
    -Isle Of Man
    -Long Beach
    -Long Beach 1998
    -Miller Motorsports
    -Monte Carlo (rev1)
    -Mosport Park
    -Motegi Super Speedway
    -Mugello (rev1)
    -Norisring (rev1)
    -Oran Park
    -Pacific Raceways
    -Phillip Island
    -Pukekohe (rev1)
    -Ruapuna Park
    -Sakhir (rev1)
    -Singapore (old layout)
    -Spa 2004
    -St Petersburg
    -Surfers Paradise
    -Suzuka (rev1)
    -Symmon Plains
    -Watkins Glen
    -Yeongam (rev1)
    -Zolder (rev1)

    Add New Circuits
    -Calder Park
    -Greater Noida
    -Hockenheim Classic
    -Homestead Miami Oval
    -Homestead Miami RC A
    -Homestead Miami RC B
    -JNS Michigan (FIX)
    -Mexico City Classic
    -Nordschleife Fall
    -Nordschleife Combined
    -Suzuka (FIX)
    -Zolder Classic

    Add New Circuits
    -JNS Trackpack (32 oval tracks) by Dann Murillo
    ---Las Vegas
    ---Myrtle Beach
    ---Lucas Oil
    (Thanks Dann for this great collection)

    Add New Circuits
    -Daytona Oval
    -Daytona Road Course
    -Donington National
    -Dubai 24h (fix)
    -Indianapolis Oval
    -Indianapolis Road Course (update)
    -Le Mans 24h
    -Mid Ohio
    -Mid Ohio Chicane
    -Paul Ricard


    Add New Circuits

    Add New F1 Circuits
    -Silverstone Classic

    Add New Circuits to complete F1 2017 Season.
    -Sakhir (update)
    -Sao Paolo
    -Sepang (update)



    1. Mexico_loading.jpg
    2. Melbourne_loading.jpg
    3. Sakhir_loading.jpg
    4. Sepang_loading.jpg
    5. Shanghai_loading.jpg
    6. Sochi_loading.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Diego Offspring
    Diego Offspring
    Version: 1.7
    Nice one!
  2. Ricardo Campos
    Ricardo Campos
    Version: 1.7
    Beautiful work.
    Congratulations and thank you for sharing.
    1. Edivad82
      Author's Response
      Thank You!
  3. Marcelo Ozorio
    Marcelo Ozorio
    Version: 1.7
    Create all of the tracks of this mod.
    1. Edivad82
  4. PieterN
    Version: 1.4b
    Thanks for these !
    1. Edivad82
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  5. triebie
    Version: 1.3
    well done.
    i would be interested in Dubai 24H, Bugatti Lemans and Paul Ricard. Would it be possible for you to do them?
    That would be great!
    1. Edivad82
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Ok, I try. I will upload in the next version.
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