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F1 Megapack

F1 Megapack 0.8

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I love it so much, thank you!
Just perfect !
That's what the car's been missing, thank you. Use lachlan's tutorial (below in the comments) to create a grid with all sounds. You only need to replace the car's folder names in the GUIDs files. Works like a charm.
I did that but I did it through the replace sound option in content manager. Seems like doing it that way results in some dead sounds. I’ll try it manually and see
Thanks for your work and your availability
These are awesome, I just wish they weren't so muffled though.
The original sounds is quite lacking in the audio spectrum. Often you get ear piercing high end frequencies which are uncomfortable to hear with headphones. Consider that you’ll be driving for long periods of time then I thought it was best to tone down the high freqs to make it easier on the ears
Thanks mate!
Phenomenal sounds!
You are such a genius. Thanks for making these amazing sounds for us simracer.
the best way to have all sounds on the one car is to use the assetto corsa car tuner. create a new tune and name it after the engine your using. it creates an identical car just with a different name and now a different sound. just make sure the new tune file has the same audio file name to match.
i.e rss_formula_hybrid_x_honda.bank
Thank you mate, now my ears is pleased with nice tuned engine sounds.
Great job!. Finally someone who remembers the Renault engine. A critic: The Honda engine should be more "wild" in medium and low revolutions. (sorry for the bad translation XD)
Very good. Quality is one thing, but I also appreciate the small size of all of your sound files; on the top of better engine sounds I am also literally saving gigabytes of disk space!
Excellent! I picked Renault.
Thanks, good choice!
10/10 AMAZING!! thx
Thanks, sounds great but i want to have multiple rss 2019 cars to match the sounds to the different livery's like Parkles did but cant get it to work.
i don't know exactly how to do that, but i think its as simple as editing some file names and parents in the car folder and notepad. if i find out i might post a video about it
Thanks for this mod and the excellent install and suggestion instruction video. Finally, an F1 2019 sound(s) I can live with; well worth my support.
What can I say... awesome, as always
Excellent mod! :)
must have ! after figuring out how to have multiple rss fh 2019 cars in order to have different sounds(haas w/ ferrari sound, toro rosso w/ honda sound, etc), works great. favorite is honda. although ill admit, i was expecting the electric ufo renault engine. still great regardless!
thanks! haha i can easily make the 'electric' renault but i didnt do it because i was pretty sure the driver cant hear that in the cockpit. maybe i'll add it to the onboard cam views at some point if that's even possible
Next level work and a must have for anybody who runs a hybrid F1 in Assetto Corsa.
Incredible work!!! Thank you so much for this!!! Bellissimo!
What a great job, I really think the sound makes a lot of difference in a game. Congratulations, top Mods of 2020, along with my New Horizon Shades kkkkkkkkk ... Thanks!
Just a Feedback: the Ferrari Engine keeps repeating a sound at the end of the rotation, of course, it's still a pre 0.8 version but I don't know if I'll be able to change that, I say because I'm an audio producer and I know the difficulty of capturing the sounds, but look with affection this part of the repetition and if you manage to fix it will be 101%
haha, thanks mate, using horizon in my videos too, great mod!
hello, thanks for sharing your wonderful work, if I can say my opinion I would say that from the cockpit the sound lacks details, also the sound does not seem full-bodied, and an exceptional starting point you just have to perfect it, I'm sure you will be in able to make these thrusters sing as God commands, put the same love you put for 911 rsr. The work deserves 5 stars ....
thanks very much. tbh, its more about sample quality and dynamic range than anything else. if the audio is bad, there's only so much you can do. with the RSR i had some of the best audio sources in Marshall Pruett, but the f1 audio can be somewhat lacking in lower frequencies giving the lack of a 'fuller' sound