F1 Maserati Skin 0.3


  1. Thyo
    Use only this mod if you understand how to restore your previous skin before installing this mod!
    I cannot guarantee you'll like this mod!
    I posted here because I need some opinion from you guys about my works!


    First of all, this mod replace Caterham skin (Haas if you use '16/'17mod)
    Using Red-Bull Chassis!
    No number and driver's name, so you can add to your liking

    I notice some bugs on the mirror, idk how to remove the logo right there. I apply logo to another place, but it's also shows up on the mirror.
    And of course, I don't understand how to fix mirror effect the logo, some logo are mirrored.

    How to install?
    Well, simply put the extracted rar to F12014/cars/ca2

    Please understand this is my first works, so I heavily needs advice and good critizism.
    Screenshot (3).png Screenshot (1).png Screenshot (2).png

    THIS IS VERSION 0.1 (the oldest one)

Recent Reviews

  1. rafael henn
    rafael henn
    Version: 0.3
    well that you could later join all these teams and create a season with all of them :) and in 2018 make the designs of the cars for 2014 what do you think?
    1. Thyo
      Author's Response
      well, this is a custom skin so it would not fit for 2018.
      But yeah, i'm making 2018 season mod for now, editing database, logo, cars and other things
  2. RaceKing2016
    Version: 0.1
    Hello, Thyo!

    Not going to lie. I see a lot of potential from this mod :D Please take the rest of the things I say as constructive criticism. First of all, remove the blue from the car and have it all gray. (don't worry we'll add it in later) then remove the white border and the bottle from the Techron logo, Don't remove the text, also remove the Ferrari logo at the front :D Now take all of the logos and put them in a folder then add a white color overlay to the folder you just created :D Now make the Adidas logo, the pirelli logo, and the Maserati logo at the front a little smaller. Now we come to the fun part which is adding the blue back in :D (don't add to much blue) and make sure the designs are straight across and not curving down like on the engine cover The blue on the back wing looks really fantastic :) Now it is your mod after all so it's your choice whether you want to implement them :D

    I hope this helps :D

    1. Thyo
      Author's Response
      SUPERB! Thanks RaceKing2016.
      Yeah I know Techron logo was ugly over there, and i'm working on it right now.
      Sadly indeed, I confuse about the blue back, hopes time will teach me better.
      Ferrari means the maserati team use ferrari engine as it's replace haas (which use ferrari) but I consider to remove it though.
      And yeah, resize the logo lol, so true about it there.
      Hopefully, all reviews are needed for improvement. thanks
  3. Thang Nguyen
    Thang Nguyen
    Version: 0.1
    Well, this is your first ever mod, so I highly appreciate it.
    It would be greater if you add the numbers on the cars...
    Try to keep this up on the next skins!
    Thang Nguyen
    1. Thyo
      Author's Response
      Well thanks for the feedback!
      Numbers, I keep that in mind, it's just I don't feel Romain and Kevin is suitable driver to this mod :|
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