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F1 legends skinpack for Pessio Garage RD1 Porknose

F1 legends skinpack for Pessio Garage RD1 Porknose 10

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10 legendary F1 liveries for Porknose. From 1960s to 2010s. I intended to add some of these my my vintage/retro skinpack and some to my modern skinpack, but I think it makes more sense as a separate release.

As usual I'm using CSP configs pretty liberally for material changes, different helmet types etc. If you don't use CSP, use CSP. Skins have lots of details as usual.

  • Brabham
  • Honda RA300 Surtees
  • Ferrari 312T Niki Lauda (based on various 312T versions)
  • Williams Keke Rosberg (based on his title-winning FW08)
  • McLaren Senna (includes helmet by @Marco17_ok )
  • Jordan Schumacher (doesn't include helmet, suits, crew, copy them from this if you want real ones)
  • Jaguar Irvine (doesn't include helmet, real one can be found here)
  • Renault Alonso (based on Renault R24)
  • Lotus Räikkönen (generic Lotus helmet, real helmet can be found here)
  • Renault-Williams Prost, based on FW15C
porknose brabham.jpg
porknose ferrari 312t lauda.jpg
porknose honda ra300 surtees.jpg
porknose jordan schumacher.jpg
porknose lotus genii räikkönen.jpg
porknose mclaren marlboro.jpg
porknose mild seven renault.jpg
porknose williams rosberg.jpg
porknose jaguar.jpg

porknose williams renault.jpg

note: this isn't supposed to be some kind of all-encompassing pack so you don't need to tell me that this driver or that car isn't included because this isn't supposed to have all of them. Also I picked the Jaguar just because imo it's fantastic looking livery.

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