F1 Legends Face pack 0.3

Skins faces legends F1

  1. Rickne
    Simple and sweet collection of faces to be applied where ever you wish. Obviously this is a time sink for me while at work.

    They aren't even that great. Some are a little rough where I've struggled for decent source material. But here they are !

    Ayton Senna

    Nigel Mansell (balaclava had to be made separately and applied.)

    Damon Hill

    Bernie Eccelstone (oh yes)

    James Hunt

    I'll throw in more over time but this is purely for fun.

    To install just drop the 2 Driver_face files within each folder into the Skin folder of your choice found for example , by navigating to :



    PLEA: Please someone make James Hunts helmet without the Niki Lauda balaclava so we can use the face skin from this pack with it. :)

Recent Reviews

  1. deni_80ss
    Version: 0.3
  2. Elio75
    Version: 0.2
    Good idea, thank you so much ! ;-)
    1. Rickne
      Author's Response
      Your'e welcome :D
  3. jerry090460
    Version: 0.1
    Awesome great work , thanks !
    1. Rickne
      Author's Response
      thankyou !!!!
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