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F1 Challenge Style HUD 1.0

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  1. Ian Franssen
    McNolo made a F1 HUD inspired on F1 Challenge, but placed at the bottom, to not to interfere with the mirrors.


    "I think that it is not necessary to explain the functions, I only will explain some things.

    On the right side, above the fuel indicator, shows the time difference with the car ahead and behind. As you know, is very useful in race, but not for qualifying and/or testing, simply because it isn't useful information in these sessions, but I can't put it only for race, is for all sessions.

    I have also put the remaining session time, very useful in qualifying, but don't work in race, even if it's a time race. It's something that ISI should fix (I guess).

    For me, it's very comfortable because it allows me to see important information at the time that I see the condition of the tyres in the status window."

    To install place the file after unpacking in the packages folder and install with the mod manager. You can select the hud in Single Player, by clicking on customize and select the hud in "onscreen display"

Recent Reviews

  1. Dave Harris
    Dave Harris
    Version: 1.0
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