F1 Box for AssettoCorsa Showroom (Mercedes) 0.1

F1 Box for AssettoCorsa Showroom (Mercedes)

  1. Marco17_ok
    Mercedes F1 Box
    To install it extract the folder in:
    Assetto Corsa\content\showroom
    Important: when you try to start showroom it will appear an error window, just click "ok" and it will start.
    This is not the final version so there are some errors, that I will try to correct soon. Hope you like it :)
    If you have some advices to improve this "project" don't hesitate to tell me it.

    Showroom_fo_2013_mercedes_18-1-2017-18-20-26.jpg Showroom_fo_2013_mercedes_18-1-2017-18-21-13.jpg
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