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F1 2021 Realistic Failures , Punctures, Engine & Overtakes Mod 2.3

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Updated for latest patch

Some small changes to chance for failures

All changes on main page
Update for White Redbull

Some small updates to failures chances
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New Feature

Engine will now overheat slightly more when following a car. Back off or break slipstream on straight to cool (or overtake :) ) Overheating is not fast and takes many laps of following a car
Overheating causes a loss in performance and increase wear on the ICE

Overtaking will now be more realtisitc

Power of DRS and Overtake button reduced. This means getting into DRS zone is no longer an instant overtake. It will help you close the gap but will need to be on the ai tail out of corner in order to make it work.
Overtaking on tracks with short straights such as Hungary will now be a real challenge (just like we saw in RL).


Fix to issue of random retirement with no explaination.

Updated for recent 1.10 patch
Reloaded files as previous version had become corrupted
Big update

Changes to balance of temporary failures now we have terminal failures as standard.

Rear wing damage now causes a larger loss of downforce, it will be much harder to drive

Sidepod damage can cause terminal failure over time if the damage is too great