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F1 2021 Realistic Failures , Punctures, Engine & Overtakes Mod 2.3

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Hi all

Upgrade from F1 2020 version

This mod changes the settings of how punctures and failures work along with some gameplay balancing. Changes listed below. I recommended playing this with my Tyre Temp Mod also available but it will also work with vanilla game


Engine will now overheat slightly more when following a car. Back off or break slipstream on straight to cool (or overtake :) ) Overheating is not fast and takes many laps of following a car
Overheating causes a loss in performance and increase wear on the ICE


Overtaking will now be more realistic

Power of DRS and Overtake button reduced. This means getting into DRS zone is no longer an instant overtake. It will help you close the gap but will need to be on the ai tail out of corner in order to make it work.
Overtaking on tracks with short straights such as Hungary will now be a real challenge (just like we saw in RL). This is different other mods that change the aero of the cars which can cause the ai handling issues.


Missing gear failure & Jammed Gears can now last for only a few mins or extended period of time. Before the max time it would last was just a few mins. The min time has also been decreased from original value.
It can happen at any time in the life of the gearbox
With new retirements in F1 2021 the max time of these failures are reduced from the F1 2020 mod for balancing purposes.

DRS "stuck closed" can now last for only few mins or rest of the race. Before the max time it would last was around 15 mins. The min time has been decreased from original

NEW FOR 2021 - DRS failure can now happen from start of race, before a certain distance had to be travelled before became active. It can now happen at any time from the first to last lap.

Punctures from Debris

The speed that punctures can occur have now been opened up to any speed. Before there was a tight speed window that a puncture from debris would only occur in.

Time from puncture to actual blow out has been increased to allow for "slow puncture" situations. They can now occur in a fraction of a second or a few mins afterwards.

Rework of grip for when punctures and blow outs occur. Should be much more realistic now.

To install copy the teams folder to

F1 2021\2021_asset_groups\f1_2021_vehicle_package\

replace the current teams folder with the one in the zip and replace all files when prompted.

Backup the current teams folder so you can return to the standard game

This will not work online!

It will remove any other mods that make changes to the data in teams folder. The mod is made with default files.


Here are the lines for anyone wanting to merge with other mods

94 <CoefHeatTransferConstant value="825" />
95 <CoefHeatTransferLinear value="8" />
142 <WearCEVibrationMaxSpeed value="400" />
151 <KERSPower value="30000" />
152 <KERSCapacity value="200000.000000" />
210 <JammedGearPermanentThreshold value="0.095" />
212 <JammedGearTemporaryThreshold value="0.01" />
213 <JammedGearTemporaryChance value="1E-160" />
214 <JammedGearTemporaryTimeMin value="15" />
215 <JammedGearTemporaryTimeMax value="80" />
216 <MissingGearThreshold value="0.01" />
217 <MissingGearChance value="1E-80" />
218 <MissingGearDurationMin value="20" />
219 <MissingGearDurationMin value="7200" />
220 <ShiftTimeFaultThreshold value="0.5" />
221 <ShiftTimeFaultChance value="1E-80" />
360 <MaxSpeedForWobble value="440" />
436 <PunctureSpringConstantMultiplier value="0.100000" />
437 <PunctureSpringDampingMultiplier value="0.100000" />
438 <PunctureRadiusMultiplier value="0.000000" />
439 <PunctureGripMultiplier value="0.000000" />
440 <PunctureResistanceMultiplier value="000.0" />
441 <BlowoutMinTime value="0.100000" />
442 <BlowoutMaxTime value="500.000000" />
443 <BurstGripMultiplier value="5000000" />
444 <DebrisPunctureMinSpeed value="1" />
445 <DebrisPunctureMaxSpeed value="400.0" />
446 <DebrisPunctureProbabilityAtMinSpeed value="0.5" />
447 <DebrisPunctureProbabilityAtMaxSpeed value="0.5" />
448 <DebrisPunctureInvulnerabilityPeriod value="0" />
484 <PunctureSpringConstantMultiplier value="0.100000" />
485 <PunctureSpringDampingMultiplier value="0.100000" />
486 <PunctureRadiusMultiplier value="0.000000" />
487 <PunctureGripMultiplier value="0.000000" />
488 <PunctureResistanceMultiplier value="000.0" />
489 <BlowoutMinTime value="0.100000" />
490 <BlowoutMaxTime value="500.000000" />
491 <BurstGripMultiplier value="5000000" />
492 <DebrisPunctureMinSpeed value="1" />
493 <DebrisPunctureMaxSpeed value="400.0" />
494 <DebrisPunctureProbabilityAtMinSpeed value="0.5" />
495 <DebrisPunctureProbabilityAtMaxSpeed value="0.5" />
496 <DebrisPunctureInvulnerabilityPeriod value="0" />
1608 <CoolantLoss value="0.50" />
1615 <CoolantLoss value="0.50" />
1787 <SplineElement x="0" y="0.00" op="=" />
1788 <SplineElement x="300000" y="0.21" op="=" />
1792 <DRSFailTimeMin value="30" />
1793 <DRSFailTimeMax value="7200" />
1794 <CentreOfDragZOffset value="-0.1" />
2055 <MinDamageProgressionTime value="0.1" />
2056 <MaxDamageProgressionTime value="180" />
3323 <MaxDeployPower value="60000" />
3324 <HarvestLimitMGUK value="1000000" />
3326 <DeployLimitMGUK value="2.0e6" />
3327 <EnergyStoreCapacity value="2.0e6" />
3328 <EnergyHarvestEfficencyMGUH value="1.1" />
3329 <EnergyHarvestEfficencyMGUK value="0.35" />

As you can see this changes a lot of lines within the game, if you use it with other mods I cant say how the mod will perform

The only mod this is known to be compatible with is my other Tyre Temp mod

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Latest reviews

I dont know if I've just been really unlucky but had gearbox issues in every single race since installing (with 3 seperate gearboxes) so it definitely works lolol
you must be really unlucky, i have done many races now with only a small handful of problems
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