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F1 2020 TyreTempMod - Realistic  temperature, grip, wear, strategy

F1 2020 TyreTempMod - Realistic temperature, grip, wear, strategy v1.7

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Hi all

I wasn't happy with how stable they are and always thought the track should have more effect on which is the best tyre.

So this mod now means you need to find the right tyre for the track depending on the track type. I would recommend using practice sessions to see how tyre wear is effected. Eg lots of fast long corners will overheat softer tyres. Long straights to cause harder tyres to cool quickly. Heavy braking will have an effect. Aggressive driving might be fast over an individual lap but smooth driving will be quicker in longer runs.
Also tyre temperatures at the start of race and leaving the pits have been changed, so be careful until they heat up.


Overheating causes a small loss of grip and increase in wear.


Your pit stops during races will now need to be adapted if wear is greater than you expected. In some races the softest tyre is not the best option.


-Rework of Inter and Wet tyres.

Large changes to how inter and wet tyres work hopefully making driving in the wet more enjoyable.

Inter and wets tyres have a "working range" which you will see and feel. There is no longer a perfect tyre for all conditions wet tyres maybe need if the track is wet enough, even if its only currently light rain



- If fronts are over heating then move brake balance to rear. As the rain falls (or stops falling) you may need to move the balance to suit.
- In some conditions use coast to slow before corners first instead of heavy braking
- Use differential to suit
- Dont always trust Jeff - base your choices on feel and temps along with what other drivers are on. Also trust your eyes, if water spray is everywhere then maybe slicks are not the right choice.

- DRS no longer a signal to change tyre, it maybe the stewards decide to enable it on a damp track or are slow to disable when the rain is falling.

- Remember there is now a working range for tyres. you might be on the "best" tyre for the conditions but it still isn't perfect.

Improved Wear model to change how the tyre wears throughout its life. The model has increased by roughly a 1/3 from the release version

Generally speaking

Softer compounds have high performance but drops off quickly, most suffer with a cliff edge at some point in its life

Harder Compounds do not have the performance of the softer tyre but drop off more slowly. Most dont have a cliff edge.

Each Tyre compound has its own 3 stage life

Brand New - A short lived high performance stage. Will allow 1 or possibly 2 laps at full pace for qualifying. After which a decrease in performance will make flying laps harder. For races fitting a brand new set of tyres will allow jumping in pit stops.
This is much more evident in softer compounds.

Mid life - The main stage life of the tyre. This is how the tyre will perform over most of its life. The length of this stage is dependant on the compound.

End of Life - Different for each compound. Softer compounds have a cliff edge, harder compounds more of a gradual decline in performance.

Changes effect the AI too. You will see many different strategies down the grid.

To install place the erp file in


backup your existing f1compounds.erp file so you can return to standard game.

This game can be used with any mod that doesn't edit the f1compounds.erp file.

All games modes should be compatible except time trials etc

This mod will not work Online!

Any questions please ask

Thank you

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Latest reviews

sometimes the ai pit on the last lap, in mixed conditions the ai would go lap after lap into box to change for new inters, when it works it works great tho
Upvote 0
for now i am trying this mod for the first race, it looks very good
Upvote 0
V.175 Seems really well done tbh.
Upvote 0
really great job mate
Upvote 0
Realised I didn't rate this review. A breath of fresh air that adds variety to the AI strategies and also requires more sensitivity and attention to the track by the player. I would totally recommend
Upvote 1
It only affects me or AI too??
player and ai effected. Will see different races and wet weather races will be very different to standard game
Upvote 0
Great job, congratulations, tires with performance and wear logic as in reality, almost satisfied
Upvote 0
Thanks for the mod but how do you install it.
place the erp file in


backup your existing f1compounds.erp file so you can return to standard game.
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I've only played 1 race so far, but it makes the tyres act way more naturally and interesting. I love the fact that AI also doesn't just use the same cookiecutter stradegy and they might decide to do something different.
Upvote 0
certainly great mod without a doubt, i just noticed that AI after my retire from race immediately go faster by 5 seconds per lap until the end of a race, it's not major issue just telling and how is possible that hard tyres are faster than softs??
Upvote 0
I made a 100% race today. I was 1°, Bottas 2° and Hamilton 3°. Hamilton did a pitstop during last lap. Bottas was quicker then him but pitting on last lap he lost 2 positions.
what tyres was he on?
Upvote 0
give mod 4.2 a please!!!
You can download any version you wish from the History tab, enjoy :-)
Upvote 0
The idea is wonderful, but I think the wear is too high.
In reality they almost always make only one stop, I expected this from the mod, but it is worse since it increases wear even more (tested only in Australia and Bahrain) and at least two stops are always necessary.
Hi Havgard.

Thanks for feedback. Would suggest trying 4.2A or 4.2B. The wear will then be more to your liking.
Upvote 0
Last mod seems really optimal for races ty!
Upvote 0
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Upvote 0
Honestly, massive kudos for this. With these 3 versions you can switch between them through the seasons. From season 4, or even from season 1, you can just do a lucky dip for which kind of tyres you have for a season (barring the one you used last season). It will help keep the game interesting!

Thanks again.
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Great!! Had 2 50% racers so far. AI running different strategies and loving trying to hold on to the temps and wear. Had a wet to dry race at Singapore and really didn’t want it to end!
Upvote 0
made my wheel lot more harder on turns,it might be a great mod but its not for me
Upvote 0
Brilliant... One of the best Mod in driving for F1.
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