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F1 2020 Skinpack - Conversion

F1 2020 Skinpack - Conversion 1.0

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F1 2020 front.jpg

Formula One 2020 Skinpack for Automobilista 2.

Installation guide:
Simply drag the Automobilista 2 folder into where your game is installed. The default location is C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista 2.

WARNING: Some skins will load more than once or some will not load at all. This is a bug with the livery overrides and needs to be fixed by Reiza. This is a known issue. THIS DOES NOT CHANGE DRIVER NAMES OR HELMETS.

If there are any issues, please inform me on the support thread and I will work to fix those issues.

I hope you all enjoy this pack. It was a lot of fun adapting it for this game. Huge shoutout to NOOBIINX who started the conversion of the Mercedes and Racing Point. Another shoutout goes to jose46 for his amazing work and detail to the cars. I simply updated logos and added textures to allow it for AMS2. Their work cannot go unnoticed. If you are interested in downloading jose46's pack for AMS1, they can be located here:

Thank you to all of the AMS2 Skinning Project Discord. They helped a lot with this project.
If you want to get the latest information on AMS2 Skins, check out the discord:

Latest updates

  1. Updated Title

    I updated the title to better reflect the work I did. I do not want to take full credit for...

Latest reviews

Great job mate, donated!
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These are amazing. Thank you!
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Amazing, looking forward to 2021 pack. The quality is astonishing
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Pro Level
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Looks great! Thanks
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Goud job, thanks :)
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Super, moc děkuji, krásný vizuál
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Guys !!! I'm new to AMS 2 and cant seem to get this to show up. I tried dragging the AMS2 folder in the file path and it doesnt show for me. Can anyone give me a quick tip on how to do this !!! thanks fellas !!!
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Incredible work I give myself the luxury of saying that this F1 mod looks and feels better than the official F1 video game itself without a doubt a great job
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Hurray, i was waiting for this from the beginning of AMS2. Thx a lot man!
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The Formula Ultimate category is now much more inmersive. Thanks for sharing!
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Adds so much to the game
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Thank you :D
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all work - brilliant!
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amazing! thanks.
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