F1 2020 + Real Classic Drivers [ITA] 2017-09-05

f1 2020+ Real Classic Drivers

  1. Fanofvale
    Backup the original file

    F1 2020 LINE-UP

    MERCEDES: Verstappen-Ocon
    FERRARI: Vettel-Leclerc
    REDBULL: Ricciardo-Sainz
    FORCE INDIA: Bottas-Russel
    WILLIAMS: Alonso-Stroll
    TORO ROSSO: Kvyat-Gasly
    HAAS: Giovinazzi-Magnussen
    RENAULT: Hulkenberg-Perez
    MCLAREN: Hamilton-Vandoorne
    SAUBER: Fuoco-Alesi

    This mod only changes the names of drivers.
    Next update: Helmets (Leclerc, Russel, Gasly, Fuoco, Alesi, Giovinazzi)

    I also change the name of Classic Drivers.

Recent Reviews

  1. KKLud
    Version: 2017-09-05
    Amazing job! Can you do for my career on xbox one the helmets of the three drivers of ferrari academy: leclerc, fuoco and alesi? Thanks
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