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F1 2020 Performance mod for 2021

F1 2020 Performance mod for 2021 1.9 FINAL

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Hello everyone,

Finally, I made it and released the final version of this performance mod. This should reflect the values seen until now, after the French GP. Many teams will now stop their developments to focus solely on 2022 so hopefully we won't witness any major changes from now on.

I hope You will have fun with this mod until F1 2021 comes out on July 16th, and even beyond if you are not planning to get it at day one. I will get it on Xbox myself so until 2022 I may not be able to come up with mods for that game, maybe I will get a discounted version in some months just to play with mods on the pc.

Thanks to everyone who supported me during the past months with precious feedback and discussions. I remain available to discuss and help, and to fix anything wrong.

Now onto the details!
Final version performanche chart:

Red Bull596.57401.0472.100original909.5
Ferrari581.67401.0602.067Old Ferrari848.6
Aston Martin596.57441.0521.984Old R.Point784.5
Alfa Romeo581.67461.0521.974Old Alfa R.765.6
Haas581.67581.1131.900Williams610.6+ mass

Ferrari now has the best aero of all teams but at the cost of having a heavy drag, the worst beside Haas and Williams.

Red Bull has a slightly better car compared to Mercedes.

Finally I placed AlphaTauri above Alpine thanks to aero and power unit, but the 2 should be balanced also along with Ferrari, which will be stronger in tecnhical circuits with lots of turns.

Aston Martin slightly improved in terms of drag and mass.

Also fixed the upgrading values for chassis and engine manufactures to provide a more balanced experience in a career or myteam mode.
Fixed a typo in the copypaste version that instead of "vehicle" was "vechicle", I carried this mistake on since version 1 so thanks ccreed for the heads-up!
Some tweaks were needed, and who knows what will happen after Spain?

This version 1.8 reflects the great step up made by Alpine.
AlphaTauri downgraded slightly
after not meeting the expectations, until now, of course.
Alfa Romeo slightly increased, hopefully fighting for P12-15.
Also, now Red Bull and Mercedes have equal drag so the drivers will make the difference (not a big change, Mercedes drag goes from 1.050 to 1.047 to match Red Bull).

Also, slightly tweaked sensitivity damage for the realistic damage version after listening to feedbacks. This is something I am not still sure about so feedback is welcome! Thanks to AndyAndy and EduardMs3 for testing.

New chart for 1.8:

Red Bull596.57401.0472.100original909.5
Ferrari581.67401.0372.037Old Ferrari839.6
AlphaTauri596.57441.0502.000Racing Point802.5
Aston Martin596.57461.0681.974Old R.Point756.5
Alfa Romeo581.67481.0521.962Old Alfa R.753.6
Hello everyone! This is version 1.7. It is so ahead that it just skipped versions 1.5 and 1.6, haha! Jokes aside, this is only to distinguish it from my versione 1.5 and 1.6 that I used for personal testing before releasing this one.

So what's going on with this version? Minor drag and aero tweaks in the midfield teams to rebalance drag and top speed. Alpine and Alfa Romeo should now be closer to each other as per the results in Bahrain and Imola. Haas decreased even more.

Damage sensitivity increased a bit for realistic damage mod with speed threshold from 2 to 1.5 as I experienced too few incidents. Of course, I don't want a Mugello 2020 everytime but just a little bit less plain than the usual 0 DNF or 1 scripted mechanical failure...

Of course, if on paper you did prefer the performance charts of previous versions that you can see under the spoiler tag in the overview, feel free to download them on the history section.

Enjoy and let me know. See you after Portimao!

Updated performance chart for 1.7:

Red Bull596.57401.0472.100original909.5+ Engine
McLaren596.57401.0292.026original853.5+ Engine
Ferrari581.67421.0372.037Old Ferrari839.6
Alphatauri596.57441.0442.016Racing Point824.5+ Engine, drag tweaked
Aston Martin596.57481.0601.974Old R.Point762.5Drag tweaked
Alpine581.67501.0661.984original749.6+ Alphatauri Aero and drag tweaked
Alfa Romeo581.67461.0521.953Old Alfa R.745.6Haas aero, drag tweaked
Williams596.57481.0681.932Alphatauri712.5+ Alfa Aero, drag tweaked
Haas581.67621.1131.900Williams606.6+ mass
1.4 – Tweaks to drag in Racing Point/Aston Martin and Renault/Apline for rebalancing; changes to drag and aero in Alfa Romeo and Williams. If this works well and with good feedback, this may be the final version for a while.

Bonus: cooperation with Kyerim to include its mod with the sound of Mercedes engine for McLaren in copypaste version! Check it out for manual installation: LINK – Thank You Kyerim!
Red Bull596.57401.0472.100original909.5+ Engine
Mercedes596.57401.0502.100original906.5Not changed
McLaren596.57401.0292.026original853.5+ Engine
Ferrari581.67401.0372.037Old Ferrari841.6
Alphatauri596.57451.0392.016Racing Point832.5+ Engine, drag tweaked
Aston Martin596.57481.0361.974Old R.Point786.5Drag tweaked
Alpine581.67531.0521.984original760.6+ Alphatauri Aero and drag tweaked
Alfa Romeo581.67481.0661.953Old Alfa R.720.6Haas aero, old RP drag
Williams596.57501.0751.932Alphatauri703.5+ Alfa Aero, drag tweaked
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Had to increase AlphaTauri's drag just a bit from 1.008 to 1.039 to balance their top tier engine which made them constantly be on top of Ferrari. For other tweaks see 1.3 version.

I just finished the tweaks for version 1.3. Tested my version in Bahrain with aero swapped between Renault and Racing Point and it worked out with Racing Point being too poweful so reverted back to my original 1.3 version. Ultimately decided not to tweak Ferrari as its performance was too low. Like version 1.2, it will come up with 2 versions, performance only and realistic damage + drag 0.85. Changes from version 1.2:

  • Alphatauri performance increased: new Racing Point used as a base (including top tier engine) + Renault aero (improved downforce at 2.016 versus AT 1.984 but still less downforce than Ferrari’s 2.037 and McLaren’s 2.026). Increased drag from Renault's 1.008 to bring it to 1.039 to balance the top tier engine in version 1.3 B. Currently this is my only doubt and a big enigma, as I am afraid it can be too overpowered, may decide to decrease its engine power if it tops constantly Ferrari and McLaren.
  • McLaren performance slightly increased by changing the mass from 742 to 740 putting it on the tier of Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes.
  • Renault/Alpine performance slightly increased in chassis: gave them back the original Renault performance and chassis + aero from Alphatauri (drag 1.024 and aero 1.984 so downgraded from original Renault aero which is very good, the best in the midfield).
  • Alfa Romeo performance increased by giving them the performance they had pre-patch but keeping their current Ferrari engine, chassis tweak to mass 748. Now drag is 1.040 and aero 1.932 (before they had drag and aero from Haas).
  • Williams changed from the old Alfa Romeo performance to AlphaTauri’s chassis + Haas aero, thus downforce goes up from 1.932 to 1.953 but also does drag, from 1.040 to 1.089, although it will be balanced by their Mercedes engine.
  • Haas mass from 753 to 758 to decrease the performance even more, let's see if we can put Magnussen and Grosjean in some trouble to emulate Schumacher and Mazepin!
  • Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari, and Racing Point/Aston Martin not tweaked from version 1.2 since feedback told me they were good to go. Ultimately decided not to give Ferrari less performant new Racing Point's aero because in my tests they were too low compared to Racing Point and Alphatauri, so as Alphatauri got a performance increase I decided to leave Ferrari the way it was to try to balance things out.
Thank you all for your support
P.s: here is my easter egg for you detail-maniacs, the performance charts with values!

Performance chart for version 1.3
Red Bull596.57401.0472.100original909.5+ Engine
Mercedes596.57401.0502.100original906.5Not changed
McLaren596.57401.0292.026original853.5+ Engine
Ferrari581.67401.0372.037Old Ferrari841.6
Alphatauri596.57471.0392.016Racing Point830.5+ Renault Aero
Alpine581.67531.0241.984original788.6+ Alphatauri Aero
Aston Martin596.57461.0661.974Old R.Point758.5
Alfa Romeo581.67481.0401.932Old Alfa Romeo725.6
Williams596.57501.0891.953Alphatauri710.5+ Haas Aero

Performance chart for current version 1.2
Red Bull596.57401.0472.100original909.5+ Engine
Mercedes596.57401.0502.100original906.5Not changed
McLaren596.57421.0292.026original851.5+ Engine
Ferrari581.67401.0372.037Old Ferrari841.6
Alphatauri596.57471.0241.984Original811.5+ Engine
Aston Martin596.57461.0661.974Old R.Point758.5
Alfa Romeo581.67481.0891.953Haas697.6
Williams596.57501.0401.932Old Alfa Romeo738.5

Original in-game performance chart

Red Bull581.67401.0472.100894.5
Racing Point596.57421.0602.037831.5
Alfa Romeo581.67501.0811.911661.6
Now the mod comes in 2 versions, 1 with StrongestFish damage mod + modified drag under slipstreaming, the 2nd version instead only performance mod with original drag and damage.

Also added a brief readme in the archive and simple copypaste versions for those of You who do not use skin mods or Modularmods templates or do not want to mess around with ERP archiver.