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F1 2020 Names and Teams Changer v.2.3.1

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This is a memory editing tool to allow for the names, teams and driver tags in the F1 2020 game to be changed. No messing around in cheat engine required! The code is open source written in C#, and is probably a little hacky in places, but should work for the most part - if it doesn't, please submit a bug report on github and I'll try to look at it.

I wrote this rather than using cheat engine, as I felt the scripting tools availble in cheat engine was rather limited.

For the latest info and downloads see the github:

Fantastic review and quick walkthrough provided by CraigMeUp:

Current major issues I'm aware of:
  • Regions not always being detected - espicially in different languages. I'm working on expanding the memory regions it searches through to catch all these cases. Sometimes restarting your game is enough to shift it into an area I check.
  • Only works in DX12. This should be a simple fix, coming soon!
  • Driver name lengths are limited in some cases (see the github for details on this)
  • Audio prompts and subtitles will still have the original names. I might be able to expand to changing these later, but currently I'm focussing on on-track and leaderboard names.

Simply download and extract the executable and dll files. Run the application and you should get the main GUI of the program.

The program is split into a tree file browser on the left hand side, an editor box on the right, and a status/log area at the bottom. The Lookup tables used for the name and team changes are given either as text files (basically a csv), or as a more complicated json format. If a names.json or names.txt (and optional teams.json or teams.txt) file is in the same directory, these will be selected as the default lookup table (indicated with the files in the tree area appended with [NAME] and/or [TEAM]. Double-click or File->Open files to open them in the editor on the right and save them afterwards with File->Save or Save As.

To provide a differently named file as a lookup table, simply right click the file you want to use, and select Set as Names lookup or Set as Teams lookup. Once the files are correctly setup, simply click the Write to F1 button. This can be done before or after starting the F1 game. Some example team and name lookup files can be found here as names - example.txt and teams - example.txt. names.txt and teams.txt contains all the original driver and team names so you don't need to lookup and type these in yourself. Currently the program looks for the DX12 version of the F1 2020 game, but this can be changed in the source code - or let me know that one is also required for DX11. Any issues or errors occured will show up in the log area at the bottom, accompanied with a red/green status of the section the error occurs in. Errors during regions writing to memory may cause subsequent runs of Write to F1 to fail to identify memory regions. The game will need to be restarted in these cases.

There is an Undo Changes button, but this is no substitute for restarting the game and is still an untested feature! The changes are only made to the game in memory (RAM) and as soon as the game is closed, all changes are lost and reset to default.

Config Files

The text files are the simplest way of configuring this tool as they are basically a csv file.

The text file can simply be opened as a csv or text file and consists of one driver per line (in no particular driver order): old NAME, new NAME, newDriverTag. The teams file similarly, is one team per line: old team name, new team name, shortened in-game name. See the example files for a list of old driver/team names.

The names should always be formatted with the first name having the first letter capitalised and the rest lower case, and for the last name: always upper case. e.g. Carlos SAINZ would be correct, carlos Sainz would be wrong. This mostly only causes issues with the undo feature, so don't worry too much.

Due to how the ingame-names are stored, depending on the original length of the name (lastname usually as it shows up in the sidebar), the new name can be truncated by the game to the original name's length. This means your new name can be cut-off if it's too long! I'm sadly not aware of any fix for this, so you may need to shorten names with this issue, or use a different driver with a longer name for your new driver - if possible.

See the github Readme for the latest known issues and all other details!

Latest updates

  1. [BETA] Better Offset Searching

    This is a pre-release version of an update, it might have a few bugs but in general should be...
  2. Fixes Carlos SAINZ not being replaced properly

    Might also fix some people's game region not being detected properly (by expanding the search...
  3. Fixes bugs relating to names, and GUI elements

    Now even with unbroken code. Still investigating some game's memory locations being in odd...

Latest reviews

Hey guys i made a video how to fix Name changer and once again thank you for a amazing mod!
Upvote 1
For the ones that are having problems with re new version of the game, here is the solution:
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Upvote 2
MOD NOT WORK with the patch 1.18.
Please fix!!
Upvote 12
Perfect mod. Do you Update 1.18 ? Please :-) Thank you :-)
Upvote 0
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Works great with me! For the people who get the same name on multiple drivers: This is because you edited an already edited file with only name at the time (this will make the game duplicate it on multiple drivers). Just reenter every changed name (like perez to vettel and albon to perez etc), save it, and never touch it again!
Upvote 1
great job tho enjoyable!!!
Upvote 0
Upvote 0
This is incredible, but could I do a version for the DX11? my pc is not so good to run the DX12
Upvote 1
after updating v.2.3.1, I change my rating from 1 star to 5 stars. Thanks
Upvote 0
I really like it, much easier to use than Cheat Enigne. But I have some issues with the same drivers and it seems as if there is no way to fix it. If I replace existing drivers Names with other existing drivers (e.g. Sergio Perez with Sebastian Vettel), they will all have the same name. So if it's possible to fix it, I would really appreciate it. Also, if anyone knows how to fix that problem in the current version, let me know.
Upvote 1
I really like it, but when I Try to change the Team Names, it wont work. is there anything to fix it? keep up the great work!
Upvote 0
Doesnt work for me, some drivers are the same. if i replace perez for vettel and albon for perez their both named vettel or albon
Upvote 0
Works perfectly and is very easy to do.
Upvote 0
Searched so long for this, thank you Electronics.
Upvote 1
It worked perfectly for me, but I would like to know if there is a way to change the pilots' narration? It would be much better if we could hear the names of Nikita Mazepin, Mick Schumacher and Fernando Alonso.
Upvote -1
top :)
Upvote 0
Is crashing my game always I enter on a race
anynone can help me pls?
Upvote 1
after xxxx attempts I give one star.
Try pre-release v2.3 if it's really not working for you:
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