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F1 2020 Improved dirty air for more battles

F1 2020 Improved dirty air for more battles Update 4

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This mod brings fresh feelings to the monotonous gameplay, increasing the amount of fighting and action. Much more overtaking and long wheel-to-wheel battles are guaranteed.

Video example:
Aarava used the same dirty air parameters in MyDriver career in F1 2019. Just imagine this in F1 2020.

Works in:
-My Team & Driver career(including already started ones)
-Grand Prix
-Game v.1.06

Included options:
-For modern F1 cars and F2 2019
-With default and realistic damage
-With indestructible player team car in MyTeam mode(if you want it)

Installation: copy "2020_asset_groups" into main game folder - Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2020

Files for copy-paste incompatible with installed skin mods. Here are instruction on how to combine this mod with skin mods:
1.Install skin mod first.
2.Download Ego ERP Archiver 7.0 here:
If you do not want to pay, then click little line "No thanks, just take me to the downloads"
3.Open folder Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2020\2020_asset_groups\f1_2020_vehicle_package\teams and find erp file of each team.
For example Ferrari: Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2020\2020_asset_groups\f1_2020_vehicle_package\teams\ferrari\wep\ferrari.erp
4.Open erp file in Ego ERP Archiver, in tab Xml files - click .vtf file (for example ferrari.vtf), click xml files -> import, and choose xml file from mod. Mercedes.vtf located into Common.erp, not in Mercedes.erp.

5.Save and repeat for each team.

6.Enjoy. Good luck !

Edited lines:
<m_aeroSlipStreamAirDensityScaleLift value="1.7" />
<m_aeroSlipStreamAirDensityScaleDrag value="0.85" />

If you want to make your car indestructible in My team mode:
1. Copy files from the desired option first - with normal or realistic damage.
2. After this copy files from "Indesctructible MyTeam car - optional" folder.
3. Done, your car indesctructible against AI except punctures.
It's affect to your teammate too.

How to easy delete any mods:
Steam have special option for it.

Click on game by right mouse button in Steam library - choose Properties - Local files - Verify integrity of local files. After this Steam will start checking game files and will restore modded files to originals.
File size
312.2 MB
First release
Last update
4.31 star(s) 13 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Update 4

    Reduced main effect of mod (less slipstream power).
  2. Update 3

    Increased damage sensitivity in option with realistic damage (more crashes).
  3. Update 2

    -Added option with realistic damage -Added option with indestructible player car in MyTeam mode
  4. Update 1

    Added Formula 2 2019.

Latest reviews

Great mod as usual! Thanks for your work!

Downloaded it earlier and gave it a try, seems to work fine. Now about to begin my 'My Team' mode, which I will be streaming on YouTube.
(Used to be 'Weekend Gaming', now 'JPH Gaming')
Amazing! :)
Thank you! Please answer does this mod work with your "f1 2020 extreme, medium and realistic damage"? Or is it included by default? Yes I see "with default and realistic damage" in description, so I just want to know if they are the same thing or not. Thanks again!
In this mod included different options : with default and realistic damage. You can use option which you want.
Great mod for more entertainment. Would recommend a lower Slipstream value in longterm career mode.
Thanks for reducing the slipstream a little, was a bit too much :D Had cars gain on me that were at the end of the main straight.
great mod for the people who want to do a video but i rather have a realistic race also i enjoy your realistic damage mod
The tow affect is too strong through the corners. More grip following someone than not is too strong. No need to try and overtake properly its just leap frog every corner.
I would say this mod does too much, now the AI get a tow through the corners meaning they are faster through the corners when they are behind you. As soon as they pass they are slower in the corners. I think a better balance is needed because the way the tow effects the AI is not correct.
I tried your mod. Realistically!
Thank you :D
I tried your mod. unrealistically!
The point of the mod is not realism, but to make the game much more fun than usual. It's sad that you can't understand it.
What should I do, my Mercedes doesn't have the XML file!?
Mercedes xml located in common.erp, it's described in manual installation instruction.
Good mod, but does it disable the online services and Podium pass for some reason?
I mean any mods not affect to online services connection and podium pass, but with installed mods it's impossible to play multiplayer.
COOL MAN,I installed this to my 2020 game and start a 25% race,my teammate fight me wheel to wheel every SINGLE LAP!!jesus you definitely improve this game onto higher level

I can't stop wondering if F2 cars with this mod can be how amazing thing——!
Thanks for review! :)
F2 added right now.
Спасибо тебе друг! ;)
Рад стараться! ;)