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F1 2020 Custom Livery - Black Ice Racing (WIP)

F1 2020 Custom Livery - Black Ice Racing (WIP) 0.2

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Back Left - Copy.jpg


I present you my team custom livery Black Ice Racing.
This livery started as a personal project which ended up getting plenty of attention on Reddit. Following a few requests, I have decided to release an early version of the livery. This livery is still a work in progress as it is my very first livery I have created. I hope you enjoy my content.

Origin :
Inspiration for this project is from the game Rainbow Six Siege which contains a rare weapon skin called Black Ice.

Includes :
- F1 2020 Black Ice Racing .dds file
- F1 2020 Black Ice Racing - Copy and Paste Folder
- F1 2020 Black Ice Racing .psd file (Photoshop)
(Feel free to customise and share my livery but don't forget to add me to the credits :D)

Credits :

- Jorge10delo ( FOM car 3D template for Photoshop )
Front Right.jpg

Front Wing.jpg


Drag and Drop -
Drag and Drop the folder into your steamapps/common folder.
.dds -
Follow Krisdix guide below on How to install Custom F1 2020 livery's using Ego Erp

Hope you enjoy my content, Best of luck!

Latest updates

  1. Blurry livery and low resolution number 21 FIX

    Fixed - Blurry livery using the click and drop method - Number 21 being low resolution
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