F1 2019 style SimHub HUD for Assetto Corsa

F1 2019 style SimHub HUD for Assetto Corsa 0.6.1

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Hi folks, here's my very first downloadable contribution to the AC and SimHub community.

I created this HUD so my viewers can see some race specific data while I stream in VR.

There may be bugs so please report them and I'll fix it.


This HUD contains the following elements.

Top left
Lap indicator
Displays the current lap and total laps and the background colour changes to match the current flag status, green, yellow, etc.

Mini leader board
This leader board displays the two opponents ahead and behind you. It also displays the delta and as the race leader crosses the start/finish line it will briefly display the last lap time.
Also your name will be highlighted in red, green or grey to signify that your previous lap time was slower, faster or equal to session best time respectively.

Top middle
Best Lap indicator
Displays the best lap data which includes driver name, time and vehicle name.

Top right
Position indicator
Displays your position and total count.

Sector box
After lap one is completed this box will display the live split time.
As each sector is completed it will display the sector split and change the background colour to red, green or grey for slower than, faster than or equal to best sector time respectively.
There is also a live delta display in seconds and a horizontal bar.

Bottom left
Live map
Displays live map. Your position is identified by a red circle with white font and opponents are in a white circle with black font.

Bottom middle
Battle / proximity
Displays when there is an opponent of the same class is ahead or behind you by 1.5 seconds

For an example of the HUD in action @ 45:46 mark
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Latest updates

  1. Bug fix

    What's new in 0.6.1 fixed the fastest lap component to display correct opponent's time
  2. Converted to Dashboard

    Thanks for your feedback everyone. What's new in 0.6 converted overlay to dashboard added...
  3. Here is the actual SimHub overlay

    I accidentally attached the wrong file in the first upload, sorry about the confusion.

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Great idea, but the size of the overlay is too big so i cant be runned
Peter Reginald
Peter Reginald
Thanks for your feedback @jochen3660. I've converted this to a dashboard and made some tweaks :)
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