HTC Vive
F1 2019 Real Pirelli Tyres™

F1 2019 Real Pirelli Tyres™ 1.0

No permission to download
Looks really good in-game!
Hi all, must we be in maximum graphics configuration for this mod to work? Nothing changes for me. thanks
These is my favorite tyre mod! Amazing attention to detail. Well done once again and thank you for your awesome work!
Wonderful as always! Well done :)
AWESOME! He’s a good guy, he remembered me ;)
thank you so much!
отличный мод просто шикарный
¡Greats! 10/10
better as the default version from Codemaster
well done!
Very good.
I’m your friend, Earl123 ;). Awesome... Damaged Rain Tires... I hope CM learns from you. We talk. Adios :). The best tire mod. I could no longer play without them.
good man very good!
see no difference