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F1 2019 Performance + Realistic Damage + Tyre Wear Mod 1.5.1

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Not tested with version 1.05 and 1.06
that means
Mod is no longer supported!

Good day! Made a mod on the characteristics (for cars F1 2019).

Realistic damage made Strongest Fish (thanks him): https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/f1-2019-extreme-realistic-damage.170102/ (mod with realistic damage is already in this mod, together)

In the default game (1.04 version) the balance of power is from the 2018 season.
With this performance mod Mercedes and McLaren became faster, HAAS and Racing Point slower, Red Bull has a upgraded Honda engine + small changes. You may not agree with the balance of forces of the teams, as it is all at my discretion.

Works in online, but only with multiplayer cars (if you don't use realistic tyre wear).

If you play with realistic tyre wear, then online is not available. If without - online is available (but only with multiplayer cars).

Installation: past the content into: F1 2019\2019_asset_groups\f1_2019_vehicle_package\teams

P.S. This mod is not touching R&D tree.

P.P.S. If you want to do modding yourself, then keep my guide video:

Latest updates

  1. F1 2019 Performance + Realistic Damage + Realistic Tyre Wear Mod 1.5.1

    Added the ability to play only with the mod on performance.
  2. F1 2019 Performance + Realistic Damage + Realistic Tyre Wear Mod 1.5

    Hi! This time I didn't change the performance of the cars, but added a realistic tyre wear. In...
  3. F1 2019 Performance + Realistic Damage Mod 1.4.3

    Fixed the problem with the speed of Mercedes.

Latest reviews

Just wanted to thank you again, you did codemasters job for them, they have finally updated the performance after 1 month.
Incredible, but could you explain how I can make one drider( on the same team) be faster than the other? Example: Verstappen x Gasly?
Or in which line?
The snad'Zo
The snad'Zo
Thanks. I'm glad you're happy with the mod. Unfortunately, drivers performance editing can only be done by Codemasters, we don't have access to editing the forces of individual drivers.
Only thing thats missing is a Toro Rosso buff imo, they a re a bit too slow, good stuff tho
Is it worked for tyre temperature? My tyre temperature is too high in street circuit.
The snad'Zo
The snad'Zo
Mod should not affect tyres temperature, because I changed only the wear values.
Could you make it possible to do manual install?
The snad'Zo
The snad'Zo
steamapps\common\F1 2019\2019_asset_groups\f1_2019_vehicle_package
You need replace folders on the folder with the mod. Default folders can be saved somewhere, if you later want to disable the mod. If you have questions, please write to support.
well done performance r close as real f1,merc on top,but in alber pack vettel got 38 secs by lewis,and leclerc has beat by verstap. it is all intenstional?
Thanks for the mod, he is perfect exept one thing, in my game Ferrari is every time on P1 P2 and Mercedes is in P5 P6 behind the RedBull, for the rest of the grid its perfect, so the mod have a problem or its my installation ? Thank's again for the work :)
The snad'Zo
The snad'Zo
Hi! Thanks for the feedback. I'm surprised your Mercedes is so slow. Try installing again, maybe it will help. Also, the problem may be in the simulation session (sometimes the game doesn't adequately simulate the results).

If you have any questions, please write in support, in the same page.
Can I play online with this mod installer?
The snad'Zo
The snad'Zo
If you use a multiplayer car, then yes, you can play online.
The most usefull mod is here !
But can we still do steam achievments with this mod ?
The snad'Zo
The snad'Zo
Thnx. Yes, at least I get.
Yeah, finally i've made in-depth look and found mod working ok in career too) I just verified all files once more, than put 1.3 version in folder - voila, right balance in the race now! Thx alot for ya great work!
Ok, it works in stand-alone GP - and difference ARE noticable ! - but dont in career mod, even restart dont help) But anyway thx for ya great work!!!
The snad'Zo
The snad'Zo
Thnx for feedback, but this mod should work in career mode. When the simulation session, the game is guided by a different alignment of forces, maybe because of this haven't worked mod?
Thanks man, that was quick lol
a question, do you have any plan on ferrari top speed or cornering or you want to wait and see the changes in the first official patch? i mean i feel the car is good at the corners while it shouldn't be that good and its top speed in the game is just maybe 2KM/h higher than Merc but we know the top speed difference is not that little, for example at Canadian GP , only at the last 2 straights vettel had 0.4-0.5 second gain on merc.
The snad'Zo
The snad'Zo
I hope that soon the patch will be released with the update. While it is not - did the update, where a Ferrari on the straights is faster, but lost speed in the turns.
I could not do as in reality, but tried to do something similar.
Are team's performance balance career mode compatible???

Если по нашему - правка команд сработает на уже начатой карьере?)
The snad'Zo
The snad'Zo
Yes, the contents of the mod can be inserted even when you began career and even when he had already passed a few seasons. After all you can then replace back to default files to remove the mod, if you want.
The snad'Zo
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