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F1 2019 Mod 1.1

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I made a mod for F1 2013. It's the 2019 mod.

Official Teams and Drivers:

Mercedes: Hamilton & Bottas
Ferrari: Vettel & Leclerc
Red Bull: Verstappen & Gasly
Renault: Hulkenberg & Ricciardo
Haas: Grosjean & Magnussen
McLaren: Sainz & Norris
Racing Point: Perez & Stroll
Alfa Romeo: Raikkonen & Giovinazzi
Toro Rosso: Kvyat & Albon
Williams: Kubica & Russell
Benetton (Bonus/Add-On): Rosberg & Ocon

You can edit this mod, because I'm not a good modder at all. For an example: Albon will wear GTA 5 helmet for this mod.

Credit goes to @talisman for making some of the 2019 skins for F1 2014 (I don't know if they work for F1 2013) And credit also goes to @Senna fan96 for making the Benetton livery.

NOTE: I donwloaded some of the 2019 liveries that @talisman made for F1 2014, but you can edit this.

Known issues:

Pierre Webber name, Hulkenberg and Raikkonen still in their current F1 2013 teams & Red Bull Livery.

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Latest updates

  1. F1 2019 Mod (Updated)

    Updated the mod. Just removed Benetton.

Latest reviews

Shape but i dont know how to change the driver pics in the menu. How do i do that
Kimi is in Renault and Hulkenberg in Alfa Romeo. You must delete Benetton because is unnecessary. Almost all drivers has not got their own country flags for example Russel Venezuela. Come on update it!!!!
Without pictures it is not clear anything !
Gaara CewoFan
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