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F1 2019 Formula NASCAR Update 2

Maximum fight

  1. StrongestFish
    This is Formula One with unlimited overtakes! :)

    -Every car creates megapowerful slipstream with the width of the entire track
    -Speed to 400+ km/h, but only if you have free space behind another car
    -Recommended race distance 5 laps
    -You can save speed behind another car even if don't push throttle
    -Cars not equal. Full performance characteristics saved for career mode
    -Wings are invulnerable
    -Default suspension damage
    -Grip increased, wet grip equal dry
    -Works in Career(including already started one), Grand Prix, Championship.
    -Included files for copypaste with default skins and Xml for manual installation if you use skin mods
    -Works on game v.1.08

    Instruction for manual installation for playing with any skin mods:
    1.Install skin mod first.
    2.Download Ego ERP Archiver here:
    If you do not want to pay, then click little line "No thanks, just take me to the downloads"
    3.Open folder Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2019\2019_asset_groups\f1_2019_vehicle_package\teams and find erp file of each team.
    For example Ferrari: Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2019\2019_asset_groups\f1_2019_vehicle_package\teams\ferrari\wep\ferrari.erp
    Open erp file in Ego ERP Archiver, click Xml files -> import, and choose xml file from mod.
    Mercedes - it is special case. For this team you should import mercedes.vtf.xml into each team ERP instead of mercedes.vtf.xml which located there.
    5.Save and repeat for each team.
    6.Enjoy. Good luck ! :)


Recent Reviews

  1. GT500Cobra
    Version: Update 1
    Really great mod, and from my testing the cars are not equal, which a great way to still have a good career type feel. I haven't gotten to test it in a race yett, but I'm going to be testing it on a 100% race.
    1. StrongestFish
      Author's Response
      Yeah, not equal. It's special for career mode. I think mod have too much action for 100% :))
  2. Dinho2004
    Version: 2019-07-15
    Good job mate
    1. StrongestFish
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
  3. Ian Skalko
    Ian Skalko
    Version: 2019-07-15
    Formula NASCAR lol Good job!
    1. StrongestFish
      Author's Response
      Thanks ;)
  4. Schwarzgruber
    Version: 2019-07-15
    Great mod!
    1. StrongestFish
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
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