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F1 2019 Ferrari SF90-H 2019-06-15

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Hello guys :)
Today I made the new skin for F1-2013 game: the Ferrari SF90-H, driven by Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc in 2019.
Compatible with my 2019 mod:, @Gaara CewoFan 's 2019 mod, other mods as well as the stock game.
How to install it:
- Back-up the original files.
- Install the mod and copy the folders 'n' files into your F1 2013 game directory.
- If you're playing my F1 2019 season mod (, then overwrite all the files (otherwise the livery will be mixed)
- Otherwise, DON'T copy the livery_00 and livery_01 folders in the WinRAR file!
- Finally, play & enjoy =))
This car replaces Ferrari, made on the Ferrari chassis.
Based on @MrTheRacer 's 2018 Ferrari car
Due to the mapping limitations, there are some sponsors that are either placed in the incorrect position or removed. So the car is NOT 100% CORRECT.
I replaced the Mission Winnow logo on the airbox with the 90-years logo, because the arrow on 1 side will be reversed (compared to the real car)
Here are the screenshots:
F1_2013 2019-06-15 13-09-08-256.jpg
F1_2013 2019-06-15 13-09-23-278.jpg
F1_2013 2019-06-15 13-09-31-133.jpg
F1_2013 2019-06-15 13-09-54-738.jpg
F1_2013 2019-06-15 13-10-18-444.jpg
F1_2013 2019-06-15 13-11-28-672.jpg

Stay tuned for more mods! ^^
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