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Hello guys :)
This is the fantasy F1 2019 season mod for F1 2013!!!
What is in this mod:
- New F1 logo
- 2019 drivers line-up in my thoughts (In real life, only Vettel and Verstappen have been confirmed)
- Closer gap between the best car and the worst car (app. 1.5 to 3 sec, depending on which track you choose)
- New tracks order:
Australia/Bahrain/China/Russia/Spain/Monaco/Canada/France/Azerbaijan/Austria/GB/Nurburgring/Hungary/Belgium/Italy/Singapore/Japan/USA/Mexico/Brazil/Abu Dhabi
(To install the tracks, you have to download these mods first:

Then, copy the tracks file in this mod.)
- Increased difficulty
- New cars' skins, drivers' helmets and suits
and so on...

Credits to:
- @talisman for the helmets and drivers' suits
- @MrTheRacer for letting me base the skins on his cars
- @chianamik for the Mexico track base
- @Thang Nguyen for the Paul Ricard, Baku and Nurburgring track
- @NeffO76 and @Daniel Paez for the rest of the tracks
- @Klodian Stafa for the audio files
- @Henky SA and @Milos for the Lamborghini and Haas car base...

Known issues:
- No Halo
- AI slower when acclerating time
- Drivers might not be realistic
- Cars have very long gears...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this MOD.

PS: Here is the results of my modded 2019 season:

And some screenshots:
F1_2013 2018-03-18 11-24-19-51.jpg
F1_2013 2018-03-18 20-12-40-94.jpg
F1_2013 2018-03-21 19-31-14-08.jpg
F1_2013 2018-03-24 20-51-29-37.jpg
F1_2013 2018-03-28 19-58-28-28.jpg
F1_2013 2018-04-01 19-42-22-20.jpg
F1_2013 2018-04-07 11-42-39-68.jpg
F1_2013 2018-04-11 20-12-51-89.jpg
F1_2013 2018-04-12 13-48-25-58.jpg
Thang Nguyen
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I still can't see the cars which are 100M in front of me
Great stuff! I have a lot of fun with it, mostly because you added some new tracks and changed the look of the cars!

There are two things I struggle with:
1. In Austria the fuel is consumed much faster than usual. I already changed the consumption in the database, but it does not change anything. Any idea?

2. You managed to add the Russian GP and the Austrian GP, which is fantastic! But I really miss the Mexican GP. Any change you will add it in the future?

Keep up the great work!
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
Hello, I have some little solutions to you, hope they will work.
First problem, you should install EGO CTF Editor, EGO Database Editor and F1 2014 game.
Next, adust the fuel mass to 105 in all the cars' ctf files (except the sc2_xxx.ctf ones) by ECE.
Open 2 EDE applications. In 1 app, open your F1 2014 database and in the other, open your modded F1 2013 database. Copy and paste the fuel tank size of the austria round in F1 2014 to that of the korea round in F1 2013. (Because in my mod, Austria replaces Korea).
Second problem, I have an update of the Mexico track in my fantasy 2020 mod. I can't import the actual Mexico track to the game
Thang Nguyen.
I also noticed that only the drivers are visible, and a bit lag. But your work is fine and I apriciete it!
The tracks for me are incorrect unfortunately and there's some difficulty issue -but working on it.
So I think if you do an update it will be a great-great mod.
I love the liverys and the sound but cars that are 100m ahead or behind me are disappering and only the drivers are visible :/ I would immedialty rate it 5 starts when you have a fix
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
Oh really? I didn't have that flaw in my PC. Maybe it's because of the cars' LowLOD file. I'll fix it, but you'll have to wait because I'm making my fantasy 2020 mod and doing the 2020 season. Stay tuned for new updates!

Thang Nguyen.
Dear author! You did a fantastic job, but looked at the lineups and immediately did not want to play. Why these fantasies?
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
This is MyUniversalCareer mate. This is not real F1.
Thang Nguyen.
Another great job, I'm proud of you :)
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
Thank you very much for your review.

Now I'm thinking of the storyline of the teams in 2019.

After that, I'll start working on my fantasy F1 2020 mod.

Thang Nguyen.
Wow, what a super job and with important details (like the mexican flag on the circuit) I´m doing my own season too and I´ve got a question. How do you edit logos on the gloves and faces on the menu?. When I try to open it with photoshop the bottom of the picture turns black, and in game resuliton is bad or not proportional.

Thanks a lot and keep modding my favourite game ^^
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
Thanks for your review.

Could you inbox me to tell that problem in detail?

Thang Nguyen.
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