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F1 2019 Drivers Helmet 3D Models for Photoshop 1.0.1

3D model of 2019 Driver’s Helmet

  1. jburon72
    MOD DETAIL [1.0.1]

    - 3D model of 2019 Driver’s Helmet [List of helmets available]

    • Leclerc
    • Vettel
    • Stroll
    • Perez
    • Magnussen
    • Grosjean
    • Norris
    • Sainz
    • Hamilton
    • Bottas
    • Verstappen
    • Gasly
    • Ricciardo
    • Hulkenberg
    • Raikkonen
    • Giovinazzi
    • Kyvat
    • Albon
    • Russell
    • Kubica
      - will have the helmet, helmet wing and the visor strip on separated textures
      - you can now hide/make invisible parts that blocks your working area.
      - you can now go to the base helmet without the add-on parts


    - This is not a mod but a tool for creating helmet skins
    - Please use recent version of Photshop to avoid compatibility issues
    - If you need assistance message me on the support tab and PM me
    - visit my blogsite to see my other work
    - Do not reupload


    Feedback is really appreciated and if you like my work and wants to support me just click the image above.

    Twitter: jburon72
    Instagram: jburon72

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Recent Reviews

  1. Kanito50
    Version: 1.0.1
    1. jburon72
      Author's Response
      Cheers mate. Thanks for the feedback.
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