F1 2019 Classic Cars 3D model

F1 2019 Classic Cars 3D model 1.0.1

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Here now are the 3d models for the classic cars for f1 2019. This will only include the 4 classic cars that is not included from f1 2017 and f1 2018. This is not a mod but a tool in creating texture for the 2019 classic cars.

------- Whats inside ------

- F1 2019 classic cars 3d models for photoshop
2010 Ferrari
2010 Mclaren
1990 Ferrari
1990 Mclaren

- Paint and decal textures are now on separate PSD files
- Remove unnecessary mesh [ details, tires, etc..] to avoid texture messing up the 3D model and fix compatibility issues with older version of Photoshop.
- default texture are already applied to the models
- Wireframe already included
- black background for decal texture and alpha channel is already generated

For the remaining classic cars carried from f1 2018 download my f1 2018 classic cars 3d model for PS:
For the remaining classic cars carried from f1 2017 download my f1 2017 classic cars 3d model for PS:

Simple Tutorial: here
------ Sample Images ---------

2020-01-14 195924.png

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