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F1 2018 Multi Visors in the game + PSD

F1 2018 Multi Visors in the game + PSD Fullv3

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Download [10 official 2019 + 10 classic] + PSD [to edit PSD you need only free gimp + dds] - Now you can choose how dirty the visor should be from 0 -100% VISOR: 1-Scratch [0 -100%], 2-Gum [0 -100%], 3-Foil [0 -100%]. If you want custom visor use PSD. If you want old version with digits instead of control lights use PSD [last photo].

Video how this works and looks in game

1. Download reshade from https://reshade.me/
---Reshade often checks if there is a newer version [very annoying]. If you play offline you can block the reshade from connecting to the internet, block f12010-2019.exe in firewall - if you have solution how disable check update let me know.
---Do not start game only instal, choose Direct3D 10-11-12 for F1 2015-2019
Only you need is files below and you can put this files to every dir in every game, the game will automatically create dxgi.log.
ReShade.ini (keyboard settings: choose menu)
use only empty files without localisation like mine
DefaultPreset.ini (keyboard settings to choose helmet)
2. Download my upload and paste in directory

---Copy and paste in DIR
---F12010-2019\reshade-shaders\Shaders (23 HUD files)
---F12010-2019\reshade-shaders\Textures (23 png files)
---F12010-2019\DefaultPreset.ini (keyboard settings to choose helmet)
---F12010-2019\ReShade.ini (keyboard settings: choose menu)
3. Start game
Menu Reshade on/off-------------key:"Insert"
Effect on/off---------------------------key:"Delete"
I change this names because if somebody will make new mod in the future he can use this HUD files. So no team names or drivers, and no names of effect! You can use old version if you want names of the teams!
(Alt+6)Helmet>>>Visors View 3.0 - Guina60 gave me permission to upload his files.

(Ctrl+6)Helmet>>>Classic Visor Pack

First choose HELMET, next add VISOR: 1-Scratch [0 -100%], 2-Gum [0 -100%], 3-Foil [0 -100%]
Scratch effect is from "1st person view Helmets and visors pack 1.0", link below \/
1st person view Helmets and visors pack (racedepartment.com)
Gum effect is from "Ac Visors 1.4", link below \/
AC Helmet Visor (racedepartment.com)
Foil effect is from "Visor View 2.1" link below \/
Visor View (racedepartment.com)
To download "Visor View 3.0" link below \/
Visor View (racedepartment.com)
  • 1 Settings.jpg
    1 Settings.jpg
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  • 2 Clear visor.jpg
    2 Clear visor.jpg
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  • 3 Added scratch.jpg
    3 Added scratch.jpg
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  • 4 Added scratch+gum.jpg
    4 Added scratch+gum.jpg
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  • 5 Ctrl visors.jpg
    5 Ctrl visors.jpg
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  • Gimp my PSD.jpg
    Gimp my PSD.jpg
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  • Old digits version.jpg
    Old digits version.jpg
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