F1 2018 Multi Team fantasy helmet 1.04

Helmet with a black, red and gold color scheme for German drivers

  1. Renault version added

    Added a blank Renault version that is based on the Toro Rosso colorway.
  2. Williams update

    I was asked to add a Williams version and here it is. Had to change the background color of the helmet since the black clashed horribly with the Williams colors. So here is the white version of my very first helmet!
  3. Fixed upper alignments

    Thanks to LJB_Jack for pointing out my blunder with the top of my helmet. I fixed the alignment, so now it should be even better than before. helmet_95_fronttop.PNG


    1. helmet_95_fronttop.PNG
  4. fixed missed alignement of the red front stripes

    Messed up a little on the vertical red stripes, their alignment should now be better. Also added a Thrustmaster logo up front.
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