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F1 2018 Helmet Pack W.I.P 0.9

F1 2018 Helmet Pack W.I.P

  1. Added Leclerc Helmet

    Added Leclerc Helmet
    lec.jpg lec2.jpg
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  2. Added Sirotkin helmet

    Added Sirotkin helmet
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  3. Added Gasly and Stroll

    Added Gasly and Stroll
  4. Added Sainz

    Added Sainz (some little parts needs to be fixed, but the helmet look good. This was the most difficult so far I think.)
  5. Added Ricciardo

    Added Ricciardo
  6. Added Magnussen helmet, completely redone Raikkonen's helmet, new helmet maps

    Added Magnussen helmet .
    Completely redone Raikkonen's helmet.
    New helmet maps for opaque effect
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