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F1 2018 Career 3D Helmet Template

F1 2018 Career 3D Helmet Template 1.0

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Hey guys,

So this is a 3D model for the Career helmet model.

In this is a PSD for the helmet to view in Photoshop.

This is what you get a 3D base.

These are two examples of putting your helmet in and how it will come out in the 3D model.

And Finally this is the in game screenshot!!

I will upload a video of how to do custom helmets in 2018 shortly,

If you enjoy the mods I make and wan't to help out with future mods, then feel free to click the blue button below!

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Works great! Thanks!
Visor in career slam does not match
Excelent! It´s possible made for Paintshop? I like pass my Portuguese Helmet for F1 2018 and some layers don´t open. Tks. ;-)
not able to open. I have the correct program yet it says its corrupt
It does not work for me, it says the file is corrupted, WHAT DO I DO?
Awesome! Thx
The model doesn't exactly match 100% to ingame model used for com_06, mainly the "rear spoiler thing", but this is still a must have resource for making custom helmets.
If you're adding custom helmet for career, you should edit the 1980 incardriver.erp too, otherwise you get a shitty helmet in invitational events.
Dude great work! just one question, it doesnt ask me where i want the mipmap? you know a way how to fix this?
Love it!!!!
thanks mate
You work quick, my friend! Much appreciated!
Thanks Kris!